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Book Events: To Book an Event in the Tavern, such as running an Adventure in one of the Adventure Rooms, to organising a One Shot game, all you need to do is send an email in to:

Each event costs 1000 Gold to create, to prevent spamming of events.

The email should look like this:


Hey Will!

I’m looking to book an event in the Tavern!

My Twitch Username is: (Insert Twitch username)

My Discord Username is: (Insert Discord username)

This Event is: (Insert name of the Event) and will last for X hours.

Provide any details about the Event here which you think are relevant.

Thanks! See you in the Tavern!


Remember, for events to be added to the Calendar, they need to be booked at least 3 days in advance. We expect there to be lots of Events requested, so please be patient. Last minute Events are not possible, so organise!

Events are meant to be regarding the Tavern RP and D&D games. Requested events which promote other companies, streams or products will be denied.

If you see that an Event has already been booked during a given slot, it is no longer available. Currently we are not running simultaneous events due to the housekeeping involved.

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