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In order to get started with our Tavern RP, you’ll need a bit of Twitch Gold. Twitch Gold is earned by tuning into our show, gambling against Moldark in our channel’s free dungeon, and by making pledge donations.

Once you have some gold, scroll below to see what you’d like to spend it on! Once you’ve made your decisions, make your purchase by e-mailing contact@encounterroleplay. Make the subject line “Tavern RP Purchase” then include both your twitch handle and the full text of what you’d like to buy in the body of the e-mail. Once you have emailed in your character, direct message the mods so they can make sure everything has been sent through correctly. Purchases will take 1-2 days to process.

Purchase Options

We wanted to avoid any “pay-to-win” feel in our Tavern. So, instead of buying specific things from a list, your “purchases” will unlock additional sections of your character sheet that you can then populate with whatever descriptive text you’d like!

IMPORTANT: This is not a game set in D&D 5th Edition; there will not be Rolling and we are using an Open System. Click here to see examples of Combat! For the sake of balancing, all Characters are considered to be Level 6. This means that everyone starts on a level playing field, and no-one begins the game as a God.


The Basics (FREE)

The Character Sheet – (Name, Race, Sex, Age, Personality & Concept, Appearance/Equipment, Childhood, Family, Goals)

Name: Rias
Player: FlamingKilla
Details: Human, Female, Early 20s, Ranger/Sorcerer
Concept: Long Ranged Spellcasting Huntress
Personality: Light hearted and jokey most of the time but can be serious when needed. A fairly trusting woman who can easily become suspicious and wary. She is calm, collected and caring but if faced with a perceived threat or some form of betrayal you will find she has a very fiery temper though this can be hard to draw out.
Appearance: Rias is a beautiful young woman in her early twenties, standing at 5ft8. She has a lithe, curvy, buxom figure with pale skin, blue green eyes and deep red hair that flows down her back to her thighs. Her hair also has bangs covering her forehead and framing her face. She wears a simple fabric underneath her skin tight leather corset and leggings armour to protect her skin from chaffing.
Abilities: Due to her noble and somewhat warring upbringing Rias has developed into an expert tactician, able to out manoeuvre and out position many opponents in a variety of battle setups.  Her family were also renowned for a lineage of powerful magic wielders which Rias has inherited. Her specialty focuses  on fire based destructive magic as well as some limited mental influence.
Equipment: See what FREE Equipment is Available! (Not ALL Equipment is free)
NOTE: Deity – If your character follows a God, we now have our own homebrew pantheon for you to choose from. At this time, we are not currently adding more gods, but in future, it may be a possibility. If you have any questions about the gods, head over to the Pantheon and read the stubs on the gods you are interested in, if still confused or unsure, head over to the Discord Server and contact one of the moderators, who will be willing to help.


Additional Purchases

500 Gold: Custom Art Portrait – (Add an image to your character sheet; IMPORTANT: only images owned or produced by you can be used for copyright security)

1,000 Gold: Magical Item – Add a magical item to your character sheet, there is a max of 6 magical items per character, 2 weapons, 2 trinkets, 1 pair of gloves, 1 pair of boots, 1 armour set.

1,000 Gold: Heroic Title – (No max, you can purchase multiple; ex. Dragon-Slayer, Shield-Breaker, Lionheart, Lolth’s Chosen, etc.)

2,000 Gold: Companion/Pet – (Max 1) NOTE: Common and CR 1 pets are fine at world GM’s discretion, anything higher will require Quests to tame them. If you acquire a pet while already in the tavern, you will need to RP gaining it, but they can also be purchased from shops and sellers. If you are unsure about the pet, please contact one of the Discord Moderators.

5,000 Gold: Permanent Room – (Max 1; decorate/describe your own private quarters in The Gilded Galgatron!)

You can check out a fully upgraded Character Sheet sample here!

500 Gold: World Lore Page – (leave your mark on the world by making a unique location to be included on our map [write as much or as little as you’d like!])

How to Purchase

If you are Purchasing additional Unlocks, go to EncounterRoleplay’s Twitch chat:

Simply write this command: “!give EncounterRoleplay 500” for a Custom Art Portrait, or “!give EncounterRoleplay 1000” for a Heroic Title etc.

Then send an email to: including details of your Purchase in a similar format to the one below.


Sample New Character E-Mail


Subject: Tavern RP New Character

Body: Hey Will! I’d like to Create my Character Sheet! My Twitch handle is EncounterMitch.

The Character Sheet:

[full text that you want to appear on your character sheet]
[full text that you want to appear on your character sheet]
[full text that you want to appear on your character sheet]
Personality & Concept:
[full text that you want to appear on your character sheet]
[full text that you want to appear on your character sheet]
[full text that you want to appear on your character sheet]
[full text that you want to appear on your character sheet]

Thanks Will! See you in the Tavern!