How to Play

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  1. Learn How to Play

    The Tavern is a collaborative writing experience, and is NOT Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (or indeed any Edition). Read some examples of Combat here. There is no Rolling involved, simply narrative!

  2. Make a Character Sheet

    The next thing you’ll need to role-play in our tavern chatroom is a character! Since there’s no way to have descriptive text built into discord, we’ve decided to host all of your character sheets right here on our website!

  3. Connect to Discord

    You can connect to our Discord server, either in a browser or on their handy app, by clicking this link. You can find loads of info on discord here. Once you’ve entered our channel, you’ll have automatic access to our designated in-character roleplaying chatrooms – “tavern-rp”, “sideroom-rp”, and “theclearing-rp”! You can also carry on private conversations/rp in private messages between users!

  4. Codes of Conduct

    In order to make sure that everyone has fun in our tavern, we have a few simple rules to follow. For those who break the rules, we maintain a strict 1-strike policy to ensure that our community stays inclusive and enjoyable for all. So, while you’re rp-ing with us, remember these three simple Codes of Conduct:

    • No hurtful speech. A general catch-all rule. If you’re not sure whether something might cause offence to someone else, just don’t say it. “In character” is not an acceptable excuse for this kind of stuff. Everyone feeling safe and having fun takes priority.
    • Mature, not Explicit. We understand that adult content (violence, cursing, romance, etc.) is a great way to role-play character motivations and development. We are totally fine with a degree of mature content, but keep the really gritty stuff in private messages. Let’s be tactful, chaps, if nothing else for the sake of Encounter’s mostly British temperament.
    • Story, not Numbers. The idea behind this chatroom is to provide a space to role-play. While we fully realize that duels at dawn are as inevitable as they are awesome, we encourage folks to scrap it out narratively (and in The Clearing!). Instead of enforcing mechanical rules for combat or opposed actions, we have Deus-Ex-Bobby – the legendary, mute, tavern owner. Basically, if you try to go around God-Modeing or repeatedly abuse this narrative freedom for combat, prepare to get trounced (permanently…like out of our chatroom).

5. Follow the Rules

6. Build our World!

  1. In addition to upgrading your character sheet, you can use your Twitch Gold to purchase page entries in our World Compendium! Over time, we hope to expand this collaborative game setting far beyond the tavern and eventually run actual live streamed sessions in the world YOU have written!




  • Putting * before and after text gives italics (ex. *text*)
  • Putting ** before and after text gives bold (ex. **text**)
  • Putting *** before and after text gives bold+italics (ex. ***text***)
  • You can edit your own posts if you spot an error
  • You can change your Nickname to add your Character’s Name for our Channel only by right-clicking yourself in channel (ex. “EncounterMitch (Rosevean)”)
  • You can PM other players for private in-character conversations by clicking on their name
  • There is an Out of Character (OOC) channel just above the tavern to ask questions/discuss the RP with other players