Welcome to the Discord Tavern RP Pantheon. This was created by the one and only MadfishMonger, one of the Moderators on the Discord Server. She has put together a multitude of gods from different pantheons, and has created links between the gods in a Homebrew style. MadfishMonger has also given permission for anyone who wants to, to use this pantheon in their own games.

ERP has its own pantheon! It’s a mixed bag of different D&D realm gods, Pathfinder gods, some from other sources and some entirely homebrew. All have been adapted to fit the story of this world, so please read it over even if you’re familiar with the deity; some aspects may have changed. So far, there are no new gods being added, so please choose from the available list:

Common Pantheon
Dwarven Pantheon
Elvish Pantheon
Miscellaneous Deities