leiraThe goddess of deception and illusions and patroness of illusionists and liars. She is an enigma, never telling the truth when falsehood would do. Everything she does and says is shrouded in layers of illusion and lies. She believes that truth is worthless and that misbelief and falsehood are what give life meaning. For this reason she was last chosen when the gods began their war on the Old Ones, and yet she and her friend Mask proved quite useful at turning the demons against one another. Once the battle was done, she found herself enemies with Thanatos, and she could not tolerate the haughty mortal-become-god and his cold judgment. Nor could she admit that she was in love with his twin brother Hypnos, even to Hypnos himself. Oghma resisted her involvement in the war and resents her to this day, feeling her lies an affront to knowledge. Not long after losing the favor of the other gods, Mask betrayed her too, spilling the secret of her love for Hypnos to his brother, thus ensuring Thanatos would do all he could to keep them apart.

Leira had quite a small following. Her priests, known as Leirans, wear silver masks and often disguise themselves to deceive those around them. Leirans will speak the truth only to other Leirans. Every morning, Leirans lay face down and pray to the Lady of the Mists. If there is any mist, Leirans will walk through it and pray. Though her church is small, there is a temple to Leira in every large town and city, and while they are secret, the nobles and wealthy merchants of the city know how to contact Leirians to have them assist in concealing knowledge, items, or any other deed requiring secrecy. The temples are thus well-funded and lavish, usually hidden behind elaborate traps and hidden entrances. Membership in the clergy is often heriditary, but new blood can be brought in on the recommendation of current members. They have no special clothing but always carry hidden upon themselves somewhere secret, sometimes as a tattoo, the symbol of Leira, They are usually dressed well and comfortably, and often change their appearances to keep from being recognized, Most devout followers have an entire cast of characters at their disposal to put on, But be warned, Leirians will collect a dossier on each of their members, and should one attempt to leave or betray the church they will often find themselves exposed and imprisoned – or worse. The church of Mask is even smaller, and while the Leirians assist the wealthy and noble with their issues, the Maskarrans ply their trickery to the thieves, ruffians and assassins. The two churches find themselves allied from time to time, but usually toward a common goal and not for the sake of charity or kindness.