The god of nature and the hunt, he is often portrayed as an old, weathered wood elf wearing rough brown clothes and carrying a shalm (a double reed wind instrument) and a wooden staff.  While technically a member of the Seldarine, Obad-Hai’s popularity spread outside of elven culture. The temples to Obad-Hai carry no hierarchy, and any devout worshiper can assist in the temple rites. The simple structures are usually built deep in the wilderness, far from civilization. They believe life should be in harmony with nature and the wilderness, and the most devout stay out of society completely. Those foolish enough to destroy, or poison nature, or take more than they need from natural resources will meet swift justice from the God’s followers. Priests wear rough russet robes and carry staffs of hard wood. His holy day is Midsummer, the time when the forests are teeming with life. The celebration is but once a year, but lasts three days, the last day being midsummer itself. The first day is spent planting trees or caring for a forest or other natural space, the second foraging for food or medicinal herbs, and the third is a day of quiet contemplation and fasting in the wild spaces. The night of the third day, the shortest night of the year, is when the communities will come together and share the fruits of their efforts in a feast. Clerics and others with healing powers or potions are always in attendance and there is often a long line of locals waiting to be healed. The food foraged or hunted is served in a communal feast and no one is turned away.

Obad-Hai is distant from most of the gods in the pantheon, being one of the Creators, but is friendly with Corellan, whose light gives the plants life. He and his brother Rillifane Rallathil have a close relationship and will come to one another’s aid in crisis. In the beginning it is said the two gods were born of a single massive oak tree that split in to two trunks. When Corellon and the rest of the Seldarine battled the Old Ones for dominion over the world, the tree became both gods, who preserved and replaced the natural spaces destroyed by the demons. It is said this tree still exists in an unknown, untouched part of the world, and that its roots extend around the entire planet. The gods can both tap in to the power of this tree and connect to any plant in the world.