Barroar Truesilver

barronartruesilverThe goddess of healing and the abundance of nature, Barronar was created from the rich soils that grow life-sustaining food for the dwarves. Her skin dark and her hair the bright gold of ripe wheat, her majestic beard in four perfect plaits hung with gems and precious metals, her eyes are a green so bright it is said to be harmful to look upon. She has the ability to move through the earth from place to place, which made her an excellent spy in the Battle of the Old Ones. She calls upon the fertility of the earth to heal, and it is said that rather than drain the soil, her spells of healing enhance it and made it richer. Wherever she walks, mushrooms or low-growing berries spring up in her footprints. She healed and fed the gods during the war and became good friends with Angharradh. Barromar received the name Truesilver when she found Angharradh’s heart broken in three, mending it with a band of silver she pulled from her hair.

Barromarians call on the goddess on the first day of planting and the last day of harvest. These are her holy days, which are celebrated with feasts. She is thought of in a motherly way, and is often referred to as such in songs and tales. Priests wear silver rings in their beards and cloaks of deep brown, and her high ranking priests are usually druids or clerics. They are friendly and open to all, sharing Barromar’s abundance with the world, and are well respected for their dedication and commitment. Temples of the Revered Mother may be found both above and below the surface. A temple to Berronar aboveground consists of a circle of stones, usually in a wooded area, in which small fires are kindled in a random pattern. Gems and metal sculptures are set up among them on metal poles to sparkle and reflect back the firelight during worship. Actual sparkler fireworks are used on the two main holy days to mark the ending of each unison prayer. An underground temple to Berronar is a cavern in which the priests have carefully arranged mosses, lichens, fungi, and the like brought by the hands of faithful. They keep these watered and nourished to form a lush carpet all over the floor; this covering also climbs the walls as high as possible. Luminescent fungi are favored, to give the cavern as much natural light as possible. Magical items with the power to create dancing fights are highly valued and a canny traveler can trade such items for healing and favor among Berronians. They cherish children and childhood, and anyone found abusing or harming children may find themselves on the wrong end of a Barronian’s handaxe. Tend the hearth and home, drawing strength and safety from truth, tradition, and the rule of law. The members of Berronar’s clergy strive to further the good health and good character of all dwarves. , and join with friends, kin, and clan in common purpose. They must not succumb to the misery of greed or the evils of strife, but always bring hope, health, and cheer to those in need. Berronar’s priests serve as the guardians and protectors of dwarven clans; they also maintain lore records and family histories. They grow their own medicinal herbs and all Berronians are skilled gardeners. Annual offerings on Midsummer’s eve are made to Berronar in the form of silver coins, jewelry and drinking vessels.