Kol Korran

kolkorranThe god of commerce, trade, money and theft. He is largely worshiped in a positive light, but rogues and thieves find his darker aspects appealing. Kol Korran was once a mortal dwarf, and not long after the dwarves were born, coming from the earth with Moradin, he sought the wealth and power he knew resided in the Crystal Caves. Through his wit, cunning, and power of deception, he managed to find the secret path to the cave, and took a glowing crystal that gave him godlike powers. Moradin was angry at first, but was eventually impressed both with Kol Korran’s ingenuity and how he used his powers to create peaceful communities. The opinions of the other gods vary on Kol Korran, some finding him a repulsive thief unworthy of the status of god, others who support his skilled, brave and clever approach to acquiring his powers. It is said the highest ranking priests are guardians of a map to the Crystal Cave, but no living mortal can provide proof of this legend.

He is portrayed as a fat and happy dwarf wearing excessive jewelry, always smiling, and his statues often have him sitting on a pile of gold. He is sometimes portrayed as holding or wearing a crystal which is often lit magically, and in large cities it is not uncommon to see these figures in shops and stalls. Most of Kol Korran’s priests have a head for numbers and commerce, and many were merchants or shopkeepers before taking the oaths. All are expected to learn something of business so they can counsel entrepreneurs who seek advice. Quests in Kol Korran’s name include opening up new trade routes, or discovering and retrieving items of great worth. Most rites to Kol Korran require the supplicant to melt money or similar valuables, sacrificing a small amount of wealth in exchange for earning far greater. Kol Korran’s temples might be of stone or wood, but they always use the best available materials. The most opulent are decorated in tapestries and silks of gold and silver. Those in the poorest communities sport the greatest riches that can be spared, and are painted to appear as though they contain more than they do. They are used as common places for trade meetings and to get loans or assistance with business. His priests wear robes of the finest fabrics (or at least appear to be) and plenty of gold jewelry. The common coin of the world carries his symbol. He teaches his worshipers to acquire wealth, travel as new lands offer new trading partners to cultivate and new resources to gather; and to remember that a charming smile and a kind word are often more powerful than a blade and a strong arm. Some of Kol Korran’s temples hide more than piles of gold and treasures, and knowing where to go and who to ask might open the door to a hidden enclave of assassins and thieves. Those underground see wealth as a challenge and other people are simply a means to an end, or something in the way. Those who have been fooled in to a bad deal or pyramid scheme are seen simply as worthy of their fate, as they should have been more savvy. To these worshipers, executing clever schemes and getting away with murder are their quests.