moradinThe god of the forge, the anvil and weaponsmithing, In the beginning, when the Old Ones ruled the earth, it is said the planet itself rebelled against these eldrich creatures and formed Moradin to defend its precious heart against the deep-digging demons. Moradin was made of stone and earth and his heart an ember from the molten core of the planet, and was born in to the Crystal Cave the dwarven gods call home. Moradin dug himself out of the earth and formed the dwarves from the gems and metals he discovered on the way to the surface. He came upon Torm when he finally arrived, and the two have been friendly since. Moradin brought forth the power of the earth and the knowledge of weapon making, giving the gods a great advantage against the demons. It is said his pickaxe could cleave the world in two if he chose, but his goodness and concern for his creation prevents him from doing so. He fell in love with Ulaa the first time he saw her in battle, but it was some time before he could admit his feelings. They remain happily married and are both invoked at wedding ceremonies.

Moradin is the repository of all dwarven knowledge. He is called upon when decisions need making and his blessing is invoked before any type of creative process is begun. All dwarven children know the story of Moradin and his creation. He is depicted as a powerful dwarf in elaborate and beautiful gem-encrusted armor, his long black beard decorated with silver and gold. He carries a massive pickaxe, decorated with filigree and heavier than any mortal could carry. His disciples wear earth tones and decorate their own beards as well, though more often with less costly items for everyday wear. Moradians are not only the librarians, teachers and makers, but the moral pillars of their communities. They teach and enforce the local laws and assist in mediating concerns. Moradin’s temples are dug in to the rock and are decorated with crystal, which is often magically lit to make beautiful shimmering reflections. There is a likeness or shrine to Moradin in every maker’s workshop that he might guide them. His holy day is the crescent moon, on which makers and creators will come together to share their newest creations or display the progress of a long term project. Contrary to popular belief, Moradians are not isolationist and use the tale of the friendship between Moradin and the elven god Torm as an example of the power of shared knowledge and culture. They believe in preserving their culture and traditions, but crave learning and new experiences that they might better themselves.