angharradhThe elven goddess of peace and unity. She is the collective representation of three separate goddesses worshiped by different elven tribes. This three-in-one symbolizes how there is power in both individuality and as a collective, that each individual is their own and yet also a member of a culture, a society, a race. Angharradh is shown as a powerful elven warrior holding a spear with a golden sword at her side and wearing a crown of stars, each of these representing her three aspects. Whether she is revered as a collective or as her separate aspects, all worshipers are aware of her aspects and their connection to each other. Newer elven communities and wood elves largely worship Andhgarradh as a whole. All followers of the goddess and her aspects oppose undeath and often actively seek out undead to destroy them.

Angharradh is an enemy of Lolth, It is said that in the beginning Angharradh and Lolth created the elven races of the drow and the avariel, and lived in love and harmony for many generations. But slowly jealousy and possession corrupted Lolth, and the two fought viciously, Lolth then destroying the entire avariel race. Angharradh was so distraught her heart broke apart in to three pieces, the light of which burned Lolth and the drow, driving them underground in refuge. The pieces of her heart were found by the dwarven goddess Barronar, who put the pieces back together with a band of silver from her beard, earning her the name Truesilver. With her first creation destroyed, the now three goddesses created the moon, sun, and wood elves and spread them around the world. While the three may come together as one, they are usually apart, only uniting in times of great struggle and need.

Her first aspect is Aerdrie Faenya; the goddess of storms and wind. She is also a representation of freedom as her huge azure wings carry her wherever she likes, her long silver hair curling and flowing around her head. She is known to be distant and flighty, rarely communication with those in the mortal realm, sending messages in the form of powerful storms and winged animals, particularly eagles. She is the aspect still attached to the avariel and the way the elves remember this long-lost race. It is said that those truly devoted to this aspect have been granted the gift of levitation. She has no specific holy days, but some devout priests will worship her during these violent storms, standing to face the wind to prove their loyalty and bravery. Worshipers understand that change brings new life, and not to fear chaos and disorder. This aspect is most revered to the snow elves and other mountain or tundra-dwelling elves. It is said that those moon elves brave enough to attempt to live on the peaks of the mountains were given the resilience and cleverness to survive there, and became the snow elves.

Her second aspect is Hanali Celanil, the goddess of love, beauty, romance and joy. She is shown as a slender elven woman with copper skin and flowing white hair dressed in a simple white robe with a jeweled sword at her side. She wears plenty of golden jewelry, as do her clerics and devout followers to express beauty both outside and in. Worshipers of this aspect revere beauty and art in all its forms and seek to express and encourage it in the world. They see love as a form of beauty, and do not oppose it between any consenting people. As such homophobia is nearly nonexistent in cultures that revere Hanali above all, and while her beliefs do not necessarily include the need for marriage, clerics and priests of Hanali are often chosen to perform wedding ceremonies. She is worshiped just after dark, when lovers may sneak away for privacy, and temples to her are filled with local and donated art. This aspect can be seen worshiped by many disparate groups of elves, most wood elves and even in some human settlements. Most temples to Hanali also serve as art and craft galleries. She is partner to Corellon Larethian and temples dedicated to both are not uncommon.

Her third aspect is Sehanine Moonbow, goddess of the moon, dreams and visions, and serenity. She appears as a pale-skinned elven woman with silver hair that floats about her head wearing flowing robes. She is worshiped most by moon and sun elves, but is also respected by many others who seek a mystical path. She rarely communicates directly, instead giving her followers visions and omens, and those that receive her visions are well-respected. Prayer on the full moon to Sehanine is said to protect one from madness, and she is both the protector of those on long journeys and the one who leads the souls of the departed to the Undying Court. She is worshiped at midnight and her holy days occur each month on the full moon.