Corellon Larethian

corellonlarethianThe elven god of light and beauty, he is most often worshiped by bards and those who celebrate art, poetry and magic. He is an enemy of the undead and his followers actively oppose Lolth. To defile the dead is a serious offense to Corellon. He is the partner of Hanali Celanil, the aspect of Angharradh, and it is not uncommon to see temples dedicated to both. Corellon was of the ancient elven pantheon and came to the aid of Angharradh when she broke apart. He is credited for being of great assistance in her recovery. He is portrayed as having skin of gold and long flowing yellow hair wearing hunting gear in gold and blue and carrying a beautiful bow and a lute. His priests wear silver circlets and long flowing robes of blue gossamer. He is worshiped at the quarter moon around any kind of beautiful natural space. Worship involves either donating or creating art to the temple, or performing for the gathered worshipers. Followers of Corellon hold beauty, light and magic to the highest regard, and always welcome new experiences. To be a worshiper of Corellon is to be a part of the beauty and magic of the world, and the duty of his worshipers is to bring forth light in all places. The quarter moon celebrations are often an enjoyable party with music, magical demonstrations, and poetry recitals, and are open and welcoming to all. Corellon was one of the Creators, one of the gods who brought life to the world, and has been worshiped since ancient times. Corellon’s  light chased away the shadows of the primordial evil that had once reigned upon the earth. He is credited with vanquishing some of the Old Ones with the power of his light, and the creatures of the world were so pleased to see Corellon’s light they burst in to song. Tales are still sung to this day of the battles between Corellon and the ancient demons.