lolthThe dark goddess worshiped by the drow and other evil-aligned elves. She is the goddess of darkness, the violence of war, and creatures of the underdark. Cultures that worship Lolth believe in the power of literal and spiritual strength, never mourning those that were lost to what is perceived as weakness. They are competitive and bloodthirsty, constantly wishing to prove their superiority. Often called the Lady of Spiders, Lolth creates and breeds evil creatures in the gloom of the underdark. In the beginning, she and Angharradh created the elven races and lived in peace and love. When Lolth saw that Angharradh was so enamored with her creation, the avariel elves, and had even gifted them with the power of flight, a dark seed of jealousy began to burn within her. Soon she had been corrupted and their once mild arguments turned to vicious battles. Lolth became so furious during one of their arguments she destroyed the entire avariel race. Doing so broke Angharradh’s heart in to three pieces, an event so bright it burned the drow and Lolth, forcing them underground to escape its destructive rays. While Lolth and her children suffered underground, the three goddesses that were Angharradh went about repopulating the surface world with more elves. Some of Lotlh’s creations became evil creatures, spiders being a favoured representation of her power. Spiders are perfect hunters, built only to destroy their enemies, and worshipers of Lolth express the same sentiment in their dealings with each other and with the outside world. Lolth’s enemies are many, and her followers dislike nearly everyone. The drow keep themselves secluded from the upper world, dealing nearly exclusively with other underdark creatures. The goddess still lives, buried deep underground in a place no light can exist, all mundane and magical light is snuffed out when brought near her. She breeds horrors in the dark, her heart shriveled and uncaring for any, even her own children. Lolth’s relationship with her brother Sashelas is complex; they love one another as family, but Sashelas can not tolerate many of Lolth’s actions. They move in and out of favor with one another, and their arguments are said to be cause of earthquakes,  tornadoes, volcanoes and other violent and destructive natural disasters. While in favor with her brother, she breeds deep sea creatures of terrifying size, but Sashelas keeps these monstrosities from rising to the surface, for now.

Her symbols are darkness and spider’s webs, and her worshipers dress in dark colours and carry vicious weapons. They sacrifice the living in their rites in her name, and her holy days are the time of the new moon.  High-ranking clergy in the churches of Loth are those that have proven themselves to be willing to commit atrocities in her name. They often keep hideous creatures as guards and pets, and they teach these creatures to be as cruel as their masters. Their pranks are often unkind and destructive, and they sadistically revel in the torment and manipulation of others.