Rillifane Rallathil

rillifaneAside from being Obahd-Hai’s close friend and brother, Rillifane rarely interacts directly with anyone, even other gods. He cares for the ancient trees and forests and the deep roots of the earth. His domain is the dark woods, the eldest trees, the cycle of the seasons, and primordial natural phenomenon. His worshipers and priests receive messages and signs from him only rarely, and those that have been directly blessed with his presence or aid are few in number. His arrival is heralded by a sudden gust of wind that will shake leaves from trees. He s known to be steadfast and level-headed, and his followers aim to be the same. The priests of Rillifane are rarely involved in the outside world, as reclusive as their god. Novices of Rillifane are known as Acorns. Full priests as known as Oakhearts. In ascending order of rank, the titles used by priests of the Leaflord are Acorn, Felsul, Silverbark, Laspar, Hiexal, Blueleaf, Phandar, Duskwood, Shadowtop, Weirwood and Oakheart. The god’s holy days are the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, and these days are celebrated  with three days of fasting followed by great feasts and dancing in the oldest parts of the forest. Priests wear robes in the colours of the autumn leaves with a simple bracelet of oak around their wrists.
Those that damage the woodlands, particularly ancient trees, or interfere with the natural cycle of life will earn Rillifane’s wrath. His followers preserve and care for the oldest of trees, often building small shrines near them to invoke his protection. The temples of Rillifane are huge oak trees with platforms and vine bridges built between their boughs, often incorporating a number of such trees into an arboreal complex. Shrines of Rillifane are single oak trees, which while grand in size are too small to form a full temple. They are marked with the carving of a small canary about two feet from the ground and chosen by dream visions which guide the priest to a given oak. Those sun elves who wandered from their insular society in to the deep forests were gifted by Rillifane the strength and resilience to survive in the woods, and became the rare and elusive wild elves In the beginning it is said the two gods were born of a single massive oak tree that split in to two trunks. When Corellon and the rest of the Seldarine battled the Old Ones for dominion over the world, the tree became both gods, who preserved and replaced the natural spaces destroyed by the demons. It is said this tree still exists in an unknown, untouched part of the world, and that its roots extend around the entire planet. The gods can both tap in to the power of this tree and connect to any plant in the world.