tormThe god of war, justice and righteousness. Torm demands absolute and unwavering loyalty from his followers. He is portrayed as a strong, muscular elf with tanned skin and dark hair in full armor riding his gold dragon Exarch. He is said to have been one of a handful of mortals who lived in the time of the Old Ones, and his fighting spirit was so strong and his skill so great against the ancient demons he was given the gift of godhood and joined the Seldarine. He fought alongside Corellon and they remain friends to this day. The dragon he befriended as a mortal when he found it as a tiny hatchling. Other mortals had killed its mother out of fear, though the dragon had never attacked, and Torm was so disgusted by this injustice he slew the mortals and saved the hatchling. It too was given the gift of demi-godhood and immortality when he ascended, and while the dragon-god Bahamut is not among the Seldarine, Torm has become close friends and allies with him.

His followers are dutiful and dedicated, following the laws of the land and ensuring justice is served. They are not unreasonable, and prefer to extend a peaceful solution to a situation, but Torm’s paladins are always at the ready to battle against evil. Many years ago, not long after Lolth’s banishment to the Underdark, a huge and powerful creature of her creation called Tantras attacked the land and brought untold destruction to the new elven civilizations. A group of Torm’s followers willingly sacrificed themselves to lend their power to Torm in order to defeat the creature, leaving behind only the children aged 14 and under. As such, Torm’s worshipers vehemently protect children, and anyone found abusing them is brought to a swift end. While worship of Torm is less common at present, there are still ancient shrines built of stone or metal on the site of old battlefields. Some of the guard towers in the older cities still retain symbols and shrines to Torm, though some know nothing of the god at all.

His priests wear symbolic armor of gold over robes of brown and carry swords. His holy day is the first of September, the day said to to be one on which he conquered the terrible beast Tantras. A play act of the battle is acted out by children in costume, with much joy and cheering on the part of the audience. It is considered a great honor to be chosen to play Torm and many children take on this duty quite seriously, so much so that some children are heartbroken on their 15th birthdays as they are excluded from participating in the plays. After the play, a statue of the golden dragon Exarch is carried through the streets and placed in the centre of a ring. The villagers sit around the ring and discuss issues neighbours have with one another, working out together how best to solve the problems. When justice has been served to the satisfaction of those present, they feast around the statue.