hircineGod of the creatures of the world, Hircine was known as the creator of the beasts of the world (save the horrors made by Lolth in the Underdark). He is portrayed as a strong man wearing furs and a mask of great buck’s skull and antlers. He was once a mortal who was raised by wolves, and his fierce determination and his closeness with the wolves elevated him to the status of a god. His creatures were of great help in the battle against the demons, but there came a point in the war where it seemed the tide had turned and the demons were winning. In desperation, Hircine took willing mortals and infused them with the powers of the creatures he had made, creating werewolves. These clever and efficient warriors were effective in destroying many of the demons, and when the war was over the small band of werewolves were worshiped as demi-gods in their own right for many years, but over time worship turned to fear and werewolves became exiled by the mortal races. Some of the more lawful gods took offense to Hircine’s methods, believing the mortals unable to give their willing consent to become werewolves, and have shunned Hircine. Hircine wants nothing to do with politics or even society in general these days, but he comes down to the mortal plane on the blood moon to hunt with what werewolves are left and bestow blessings on his devout followers.

The large and impressive shrines that were built to Hircine are ruins deep in wild, barely inhabited forests, untouched for many millennia. Shrines are small and usually composed of only the skull of a deer and the antlers on a tree stump. Now, gnomes worship him as a god of nature and the hunt, as do small remote settlements of other races. While he is remembered as the creator of beasts and worshiped on the full moon, to many the tales of werewolves are long forgotten.