maskThe god of trickery, thievery and shadows, Mask was not instrumental in the Battle of the Old Ones but he did participate, most notably by transforming in to a sword called Godsbane, which struck down many of the powerful Old Ones. The sword was wielded by Dol Dorn, who after the war was shocked to discover to Mask’s betrayals and banned him from the Crystal Caves. Mask was close friends with Leira, but betrayed her in an attempt to gain favour with Thanatos. The death god was not fooled, however, and Mask was sent away in defeat. He attempts on occasion to repair his relationship with Leira, but their friendship remains rocky and unstable. When he was caught in his lies by Thanatos, he retreated to the Fey, and is worshiped most commonly by fey creatures or those who spend time there. He is portrayed as a dark-skinned humanoid, looking somewhat like an elf but with exaggerated features; a sharper nose, longer ears, a pointed chin. He wears leather armor covered in pouches, satchels and hidden pockets to stash the many things he enjoys stealing. His hair is bright orange and wild, and it is said that when he is most passionate, it turns to flame. Some say the desire for the acquisition of wealth he inspires in his followers is a sign of his own desire for the incalculable wealth of the dwarven gods’ Crystal Caves.

Maskarrans believe wealth rightfully belongs to those who can acquire it. Honesty is for fools but apparent honesty is a very valuable thing while subtlety is everything, and worshipers practice trickery daily. Temples to Mask can be found in most large cities, but only by those who know what to look for. He is the god of thieves, rogues, and anyone who enjoys divesting others of their money and possessions. It is rumored that the Cult of Mask maintains a large network of informants throughout the cities of the realm. It is also rumored that this network provides employment for all sorts of thieves, beggars and thugs. While the church of Leira concerns itself with providing services for the nobility, Maskarrans do the same for the common people. The two churches may occasionally work together, but only if they have a common goal, and are likely to betray one another in the end.