Promote Your Game!

“We didn’t just get mentioned, we got TALKED ABOUT.  Our content, our project, our updates, it was all part of a multi-channel marketing execution on Twitter and Twitch that really made huge gains for our project.”- Many Sided Dice

How can we Promote You?

We offer three services for promoting your game, company, or show.

  1. Playtesting Partnership, in which we’ll play your Tabletop RPG game on our Regular show for 3 hours in order to show our audience how fun your game can be!
  2. Week Long Partnership in which we Promote your game or product over the course of an entire week of our shows!
  3. Strategy Development Package in which Sydney Shields, our marketing expert will develop and run a social media campaign for you!

Past Success Stories

We’ve got Results! Here are Kickstarter Successes that we’ve been a Part of, with full Testimonials here

Other established Companies and Names who have worked with us agree too, full Testimonials here!

Playtesting Partnerships

Are you writing your very own tabletop RPG? Or are you developing some innovative new gaming tools or software? Well, we want to partner with you!

Here at EncounterRoleplay we are no stranger to the awesome diversity of games and tools out there. As producers who stream over 150 hours of tabletop RPGs every month, we are always happy to mix things up and feature new systems on our show. As lovers of this hobby, we are also eager to help support indie developers and keep this tabletop Renaissance rolling!

What do you get?

  • Your very own 3-hour live streamed session on our Partnered Twitch Channel (~15k unique hits per Month)
  • All of the promotion, production, and editing of the stream taken care of by our team
  • A team of experienced, animated, and entertaining players who will fully learn your system beforehand to make your product come to life!
  • A live Q/A period with our team and our channel viewers for you to talk about your product
  • A permanent edited Vod of your play testing session hosted on our YouTube channel within 24 hours
  • A link to your product and your Vod right here on our Playtesting Partnerships page!
  • Short (but honest!) testimonials about what we liked in your product for your own promotional materials

What do we ask from you?

  • Streams to be booked in advance and at a time our cast are available (Sundays – Thursdays)
  • Your product be near enough to finished so as to be playable
  • We receive your product at least 1 week prior to your stream so we can study up!
  • Send us an email to inquire after rates!

If you’re interested in booking a Playtesting stream, get in touch with us at!

Week Long Promotion

Got a game, product or company that you’d like to promote? We want to help out! We have an audience of  lovers of all things RPG who are out there looking for new games & accessories, who are happy to invest in a quality product!

What do you get?

  • A week long promotion of your product on our livestream (35+ hours a week live on air) including shout outs every hour, and links provided in our chat room.
  • The opportunity to expand your marketing into Twitch, a unique demographic of users who love RPGs and invest in them.
  • A permanent watermark or logo on the stream throughout the entire week.
  • An article on our website promoting your product.
  • The option to have commercial videos/trailers played promoting your product through the week.
  • All of the Vods from the week will be uploaded to our Youtube channel within 24 hours.
  • Short (but honest!) testimonials about what we liked in your product for your own promotional materials.
  • A link to your product and your Vod right here on our Playtesting Partnerships page!
  • Other services can be provided if requested, on a case by case basis.

What do we ask from you?

  • Promotions to be booked in advance to allow us to check out your product.
  • Send us an email to inquire after rates!

If you’re interested in booking a Week Long Promotion, get in touch with us at!

Strategy Development Package

This is a one-time fee to cover the time it takes for Sydney to research and analyze your platform in order to provide accurate information. She will develop a social media and marketing strategy that you can use even when she is not working with you on a project. It will include:

  • Your brand identity and target audience
  • Strategies on how to reach your target audience
  • The best ways to engage with your audience
  • How & when to post on various social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc.)
  • Helpful Social Media tools and how to use them

She will also work alongside you for one week as we promote your content. During this week, she will make a post per day on each social media platform as well as create a unique image for each one. All social media posts will be drafted and submitted to you for approval before they are scheduled. Sydney will also help start a social media initiative that you can run after our week ends. This could be something as simple as a long running giveaway or a plan to promote a specific project for a longer period of time. For this, you can give her an idea for something you’ve been thinking about and she will show you how to execute it.

Afterwards, Sydney is also available at any time to contract as a general social media consultant, and charges $12 an hour. She will:

  • Schedule all of your posts on all platforms with unique images
  • Develop specific marketing strategies for your content
  • Develop game-like posts to encourage engagement and user generated content
  • Promote any content in which I am directly involved (game, interview, etc.)  on my own social media platforms
  • Interact with your audience through your social media platforms
  • Help you increase the production quality of your content

What do we ask from you?

  • Send us an email to inquire after rates!

If you’re interested in booking a Strategy Development Package, get in touch with us at!


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