PC Adventure Checklist!

Stepping off onto the road of adventure is exhilarating, but don’t let yourself get so caught up in the thrill that you leave town before preparing properly! Below is an essential checklist for players to consider before setting out on that next glorious quest.

  1. Objectives (The “Do”s)
    Make sure you and your party understand your objectives inside and out. Ask your employer/source about timelines, maps, expected obstacles, alternate contingency plans, and any secondary objectives or considerations.
  2. Arcs (The “Don’t”s)
    Find out whether there are any limits or restrictions on how you complete the task. Few situations are simple enough to allow for complete discretion on the part of adventurers without bearing any consequences. Try and get a sense of which “means” might in fact complicate these particular “ends.”
  3. Pay
    Everyone wants to get paid, but don’t just assume there’s a pile of coins already set out with your name on it! Make sure you clearly establish the amount you will be paid as well as a time and place for rendezvous after you’ve completed the adventure. Oh, and try to get half upfront.
  4. Maps
    Seek out any maps of the areas you’re heading in to. Check local archives, libraries, universities, and palaces for detailed maps, as well as checking in with other travellers for more general information about the region.
  5. Supplies
    Once you know where you’re going and for roughly how long, you can arrange supplies. For the vast majority of adventures, you’ll need to arrange for food, water, and bedding. It’s also always good to look into mounts and accommodations for stretches of your journey that follow main roads.
  6. Rumours
    Take some time to poke around any populated areas near to your objective. Buy a few rounds for the locals or help fetch a few cats out of some trees. While it might slow down your overall progress, it’s always well worth the trouble to know in advance about the lurking threat your employer wasn’t aware of.
  7. Side-jobs
    Conceding that this won’t always apply, sometimes the nature of an adventure you’re setting off on will allow you the freedom to take on some side-jobs. If so, solicit to some locals that you’ll be heading to a particular region (or even just in a particular direction!) to see if any of them could use a courier, messenger, investigator, escort, etc..

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