Pokemon Go: A New Gaming Era

It’s no secret that Nintendo’s/Niantic’s Pokemon Go has taken control of the world like an RPG final boss after the party has TPK’d. Just yesterday, I walked a total of 25 kilometers (15 miles) with my smart phone out trying to catch every pidgey that dared rear its beakey head. The day before that, I ran around my hometown’s cemetery because there are about 12 Poke-Stops and 3 gyms scattered around it. I even ended up on a stranger’s Facebook post:


To be fair, I’m related to about half of that cemetery, so those bodies would just tell me “Good morning!”


Using GPS navigation, Pokemon Go makes players get off their butts and go for a stroll. That stroll can be a walk through the park, a drive through town, or even a bike ride. The game won’t register your travel after reaching a certain speed to prevent you from using your automobiles to satisfy certain travel distance requirements, so slow down Team Valor and GET OUT OF YOUR TRUCKS FOR !@#$’S SAKE!

So what does this game do for gaming as a whole? Games like id Software’s Doom and Rare’s GoldenEye: 007 revolutionized the world of first person shooters, Blizzard’s StarCraft brought real-time strategy to the forefront, and Valve’s Dota 2 showed that gaming celebrities can get just as much attention as athletes. With Pokemon Go’s hit success forcing players away from their TV and computer screens, maybe tabletop enthusiasts will get a game that pulls us away from the kitchen table?

Yes I know LARPing exists, but wandering the city park dressed like Ragnor the Slayer might attract more cops than you intended.

A dungeon-making, RPG type game similar to Pokemon Go could be in the near future. This is all speculations (I have nothing to cite that anything is in the works), but imagine a Dungeon Master setting up a series of random encounters out in the woods, or having an NPC pop up on your phone camera to give you clues after you sneak behind Barry Wok’s Authentic Chinese Restaurant? I for one welcome such a game…

But I just hit level 23 in Pokemon Go and I’ll be danged if Team Valor snatches up more gyms!

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