Review: Cataclysm

Developer: Akinji Entertainment
Released: In Development
Copy provided by Developer as part of a Promotional game.

I’m a dog person. Dogs like me, and I like them. Cats don’t like me. I don’t think I’ve ever met a cat which truly liked me for who I am. I won’t be surviving the apocalypse, when the Cats take over. This much became clear to me when I first picked up CATaclysm. Imagine a world where humans are dead, and only humanoid Cats, rats, and all sorts of other mammals and rodents exist. Now give them a ton of fantasy weaponry. Oh, and Meowgic (I know, purrfect). Now you’re imagining the sheer silly fun that is CATaclysm. I got the chance to play the game recently, and despite my inner pride about playing a game about cats, I was quickly won over.

You’d think a game like this would exist purely on the gimmick of being a TTRP – but with Cats! Again, the book surprises. If you’re familiar with D&D, you’ll be familiar with the PH4SE system. It’s simple:

1.) Roll a d10 2.) Add relevant scores and modifiers 3.) Compare the result to the required result.


Yup, pretty easy. This means that the game flows like the beautiful fur of a MaineCoone– okay I’ll stop. The system itself is incredibly easy to grasp and will have your crew understanding quickly how to play this game. Character Creation was simple too, so no worrying about 3 hour creation at the beginning of your session. Everything about the game is pretty fast and furious, and is a welcome change to rules heavy systems that take themselves too seriously. That’s one thing that I appreciate above all about this game; it embraces its own silliness to great credit and fun.

We played a 3 hour demo game of CATaclysm – the game itself is still in development and so we played an early version – which was action packed, filled with slaying rat gangs, terribly voiced Spanish-accented cats and a big bad snake at the end. The adventure was constructed very much like your standard RPG module, but when playing it out its near-impossible not to be drawn into giggles and laughter. The system didn’t get in our way and allowed for us to have lots of fun. Would I play a full campaign in CATaclysm? Probably not immediately, but with the right group I could see it being fun. Do I want to play it again for fun one shots? Absolutely.

CATaclysm is one to watch. Check out their site & blog at: and keep an eye on their latest developments and fantastic artwork.


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