Review: Tales from the Halfling Camp

Tales from the Halfling Camp is an effort by two charming brits, Mike Bridge (composer) and Dan (singer, self proclaimed ass spanker). Here at EncounterRoleplay we have the pleasure to be sponsored by the Kickstarter campaign and to play an array of tracks already produced by Mike throughout the week on our shows to give some exposure to their effort.

The original track, Wilbur Helmfast’s Tall Tales spawned the initial success for the team, gaining airtime on HighRollers DnD from the Yogscast and on Battlebards. It’s a carousing tale of halfling debauchery straight from the Green Dragon, and immediately brings to mind that famous scene from the Lord of the Rings. I’m listening to it now as I write and I’ve been humming it for the past hour, though it does make me crave a pint of ale. (“They come in pints?!”) The Chorus had me giggling, and captures Halfling communal singing perfectly.

The Grass is Green, The Air Is Clean

A sweet lass by my side,

There ain’t nobody looking so,

I squeeze her rump behind.

The Kickstarter video itself begins like a bad Hollywood Blockbuster, before humorously cutting to Mike’s studio in the true spirit of Halfling joking. The bumbling explanations of Mike and Dan show their passion for the project and that the two certainly have a sense of humour. This is clearly an indie project and a labour of love, not a super serious company out to net some cash. My favourite moment is just at the end where Mike walks to the camera and you hear “It’s okay, we’ll just cut out the shit bits”. Well played, gents. All throughout the video of course we’re treated to an array of fantasy tracks which lift the spirit.

Mike plans to create an album of Halfling songs just like this, including one long, Led Zeppelin inspired song but “with more dragons, and more halflings” which I’m particularly excited to hear. The different tiers of pledges allow for you to gain access to the album of songs, Mike’s huge back catalogue of music (and future works), and even being a part of the song itself. Any up and coming Halfling Bards out there, you know what to do!

Tune in throughout the week to our livestreams to hear a number of tracks from The Halfling Camp, and check out their Kickstarter campaign here to support the wonderful work Mike and Dan are doing.

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