Rolled Party Connections

The first session with a new party can sometimes be slow to get rolling. Given a few weeks of adventuring together, and even the most incohesive of groups will develop strong, interwoven connections. One way to skip over these growing pains is to roll party connections on day one! This gives each of your PCs an interesting and unique dynamic with the rest of the group to kickstart their budding relationships! I first saw this concept used in Monte Cook’s Ennie Award-Winning game Numenera, and I’ve since incorporated it into every game and setting I run. Below is an adapted list party connections that are transferable to any game setting.

At the end of character creation, have each player roll 1d6 on the appropriate table. Be sure to ask/discuss your results with each player in question.

Martial Character

  1. Pick two PCs. You secretly want to see them fight to see who’s tougher.
  2. You once fought on opposite sides of one PC in a battle.
  3. You once saved one PC and now they think they’re indebted to you and you wish they wouldn’t.
  4. You once carried one PC wounded out of combat and they feel ashamed around you.
  5. One PC is incredibly unaware of their body and always gets in your way.
  6. You feel extremely protective of one PC.

Social Character

  1. One PC is your worst critic. Your charm just doesn’t have any effect on them.
  2. One PC insists on you performing/orating to them every night before they sleep. This either annoys you or affirms you.
  3. One PC knows a secret/trick to your performance and your’e afraid they will reveal it.
  4. You owe one PC a significant amount of money.
  5. You once convinced one PC to do something they didn’t want to, and they regretted it immediately.
  6. You used to be in a romantic relationship with one PC’s close relative.

Skilled Character

  1. You once saw two PCs through a keyhole doing something secretive. They don’t know you were watching, and you get to choose what they were doing.
  2. One PC is incredibly unaware of their body and always gets in your way.
  3. You’re convinced one PC has a criminal past and you bring it up often.
  4. You once trained with one PC’s close relative.
  5. One PC shows a natural aptitude at your trade and you are eager to encourage them.
  6. One PC’s close relative once hired you for a job that you did very poorly. That PC can decide whether or not they know.

Wilderness/Outcast Character

  1. You accidentally caught one PC in one of your traps, where they hung for 2 days.
  2. One PC once saved you from a horribly uncomfortable social situation.
  3. You feel contempt for how “city-bred” one PC is.
  4. One PC is a hypochondriac. Your relative uncleanliness gives them anxiety.
  5. One PC once killed or mistreated an animal unnecessarily and that bothers you.
  6. You owe one PC a significant amount of money.

Magic-Using Character

  1. You worry that one PC is overly curious about your powers.
  2. You once accidentally turned one PC into a tiny creature.
  3. You apprenticed under one PC’s relative.
  4. One PC suffers an allergic reaction to your casting. You know, but they are unaware of the cause to their reaction.
  5. One PC thinks your magics are unnatural and will only bring about bad things.
  6. You’re convinced one PC’s spirit is bound for darkness.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as we are currently developing a full set of Rolled Party Connection tables for every DnD5E class!

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