RollUP: Dark Matter for 5E

Our final character creations of 2018 come thanks to the wonderful Mage Hand Press who allow us to boldly go, using the force and get lost in space with their Dark Matter expansion for D&D 5E. You may remember earlier in the year we played a two-shot supporting their kickstarter, well, the alpha is out and available right now (and will be updated for free as things are tweaked)!

This PDF  comes full of everything you need to play in space while staying true and compatible with all of the 5E material that you know and love. New races, classes, monsters, spells, feats and more are packed in here making it a one stop resource – there are also details on how to make a spaceship.

Pruitt (one half of WebDM and Call of Cthulhu on EncounterRoleplay) and I got together the last two fridays and nerded out, then we got to the business of making a couple of new characters. In episode one we discussed many of the races and the Ancient Egyptian inspired, strict and diligent servants of the sun, bird people (The Avia-Ra) really caught our attention and it wasn’t a surprise when Pruitt settled on one of these for his new character. The stars aligned for this monk who was rolled with some really great stats to back up those anti-gravity techniques, but watch out, this is an Avia-Ra in exile, they have some secrets.

Ikari’Sir’Aki – Avia-Ra Way of Gravity Monk Exile

Previously, I have played Trinity who was a Sun Above Cleric Amoeboid but looking through the class options in this book the word “Witch” caught my eye. From there I proceeded to make the spookiest space witch I could manage. The 5E The Complete Witch can be found here (or is available through Patreon if you are a patron of Mage Hand Press. There is also a base witch class for free on their blogand Dark Matter comes with the Lunar subclass. Combined with a Wrothian race (they look like alien and predator had a very scary baby) I feel like I have a character ready for a lot of different adventures in space from rogue trader vessels to being part of an invasion or perhaps a stowaway with a mission.

In combination, these two characters could kick some serious ass. Someone invite us to a game, please?

Hexen – Wrothian Lunar Witch Spy

Want to see some Dark Matter in action? Here’s that two-shot I mentioned!

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