Ross Bugden: Copyright and Royalty Free Music

Nothing helps set the mood in your RPG like a good bit of music. When making videos or podcasts, a musical intro or backing track can add life to your words. So when I found Ross Bugden’s YouTube account, which was loaded with royalty free music, I took advantage of his contribution to the Creative Commons library and used his work in some of my D&D videos.

Though Bugden is generous with sharing his work, he’s adamant about people imposing restrictions on his content. A personal experience of my own: I used one of Bugden’s tracks in a YouTube video, but the video kept being flagged for copyright violation by a different YouTube user. The YouTube user had used one of Bugden’s tracks in a song, then copyrighted the song. YouTube then began flagging any other videos that used this particular song by Bugden. Users told Bugden about the fiasco, which he fixed quickly. He now forbids people sampling his work from submitting their work to YouTube’s Content ID system. Good on that!

His only requests for using his work is that due credit is given, whether that be by dropping links to his social network channels or to the specific tracks you used, though donating to his PayPal account is hugely appreciated.

Here are some of my favorite tracks he has created:

  • Fall – Has a TRON and overall cyberpunk feel to it.
  • I’m Coming Back – Emotionally powerful yet inspiring.
  • The Wild West – Makes you want to draw your revolver and shoot stuff.
  • Dragon Slayer – Title says it all. Go out and kill Smaug.

Feel free to look for Ross Bugden on YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, and Instagram.

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