Seized Fire for the Ceasefire

Fleur Sleetshaper was a rare gem of a dwarf: born from a northern clan, she dedicated her life to the study of fire and ice magic. After building an icy tower on a glacier, she helped found the crabbing village of Firnboro, but in the last thirty years, she and the people of Firnboro have disappeared. Did Fleur’s arcane studies have a hand in Firnboro’s disappearance?

“The Frozen Men of Firnboro” is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition module for a party of 3-5 players at level 10. This one-shot module features an icy setting and a wizard’s tower’s worth of loot. Also, the nomadic group of whale-people that now inhabit Firnboro can provide entertaining interactions, possibly becoming strong allies. Great for new DMs or for those who want a quick session with no prep, this module comes complete with everything you’ll need: narrative text to be read to the players, background text for the DM, full stat-blocks for all monsters and NPCs, and detailed encounter maps! This module is HERE available on the DMGuild.

This module was written by our good friend Rem over at Insomniacs Ink. You can check out his other projects over at!

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