Sex and EncounterRoleplay (Tavern Changes)

Usually I deal with the topic of sex is dealt in a lighthearted manner, with dongers flying around as much as possible. Today’s a little different, and I actually want to address some pretty serious and important issues, pertaining to our Tavern Roleplay – the 24/7 Discord Text-based Roleplay chat. 


Recently we’ve had to deal with an occurrence in the Tavern of inappropriate content which deeply concerned all of us in the Team and needs immediate addressing. It’s important to note that I’m confident in my belief that this was no one’s fault other than the individual themselves; the Tavern Moderators have always done an incredible job. Now I don’t want to discuss the issue itself in any great detail, but instead where we go from this moving forwards and how we can best protect our community from dangerous individuals.

For those unfamiliar with Discord and the Tavern, you can Roleplay a character via text with people online, go on epic adventures, talk about D&D, and enjoy your hobby with like minded people. You can also Privately message people similarly to Facebook/Twitter etc. Our main rooms of the Tavern have allowed for adult content – not as scary as it sounds; violence, swearing, and we don’t shy away from sex being a part of Roleplay and the real world, as it is in our games of D&D. That is not to say there’s detailed sexual acts occurring and being written about; simply that romance & sex are an acknowledged part of the game.

The problem can be is that we cannot control what Private Messages go around and there are vulnerable people in the community that deserve a space to talk to their friends and be a part of our group. The sad truth is that as Moderators of the Discord, we can only do so much, aside from warning you beforehand and reporting things after the fact.


One of the most important things to us is creating a safe space and making sure that similar incidents don’t happen again. For that reason we’re making some changes to the Tavern, which will have immediate effect.

  1. The Tavern now has an Advised 16+ Age Requirement to play in. This is due to the content within the Roleplay that we feel may be inappropriate to younger people. This is a change we’ve spent a lot of time considering, but feel is necessary. This does not mean that under 16 users will be banned from the Server.
  2. This rule has always been in place, but it’s worth reiterating: Inappropriate content, sexual or otherwise, will result in being permanently Banned from the Tavern, and in exceptional circumstances we will report to the relevant authorities. We will do our utmost to uphold our values of creating a safe environment to enjoy our hobby.


As I’ve said before, there’s only so much we can do, and you can do a lot to help us. I think it’s worth reiterating a few points on the topic about cyber safety in regards to the Tavern.

  1. The Open chat with multiple users in a public space is far safer than privately messaging an individual that you know little to nothing about.
  2. If you or a friend feels uncomfortable with anything, or experiences something which you feel is inappropriate, please report this to the Moderators of the Discord. They are there to help you
  3. Please bear in mind not everyone is after the same experience as you in the Tavern. Be careful what you say, and be aware of who might read it. Use your common sense.


I’ve always intended for EncounterRoleplay to be a fun, safe space for people to watch or play D&D. It’s sad to me that there are people who will take advantage of the incredibly supportive and caring community that we’re lucky enough to have, but I think these changes and the reiteration of our policies and values will make a good first step in making that space we’re looking to create. We will continue to re-evaluate the Tavern throughout it’s lifespan. If you have thoughts, concerns or questions, please comment below or contact one of our Discord Moderators.


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