PC: Shei Vardey

Name: Shei Vardey
Player: Encounter Beth
Details: Human, 11 yo, sorcerer

Shei is a young girl, innocent in appearence. She wears a knee length white floating dress, and she has flowers braided into her long blonde hair. She wears nothing on her feet. She has two daggers strapped to her thigh that can’t be seen and you see a light crossbow slung across her back. She has a bag across her shoulders and a belt around her waist that has a small pouch attached to it.

Shei is a con artist by trade, traveling through the world with her companion, an old tiefling When she isn’t ‘working’, she is your average 11 year old girl, she is curious and intelligent, and constantly willing to learn and expand her knowledge.

Magic Item
Wand of Fireballs

Role in the shop: Sells food, serves drinks in the back room

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