Beginners Play D&D

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Gillian – Gillian’s enthusiasm for roleplaying is unmatched! Hailing from the land of Canada, she’s a student and long standing member of our community! Find her on Twitter here.

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Lauren –  Lauren graduated from NYU with a degree in drama, and is currently working on getting a Master’s degree in film production down in New Orleans. She started playing D&D 8 months ago and has been hooked ever since! Find her on Twitter here.  


Liam – Liam has been playing table top games for at least 10 years (That’s nearly a third of his life!). Alas, he never gets to play in the games, only GM/DM. He and his friends frequently meet up for D&D and other horror games, but occasionally he uploads videos of his roll20 shenanigans to his YouTube channel; Red & Slim Gaming.

Chris – Chris is 27 from the UK and has always had a passion for the ‘theatre of the mind’.

“I play roleplaying games like D&D because they are great ways to express oneself in entertaining, eccentric and even serious ways and has taught me so much about social dynamics, working as a team and even help me discover a love for problem solving as it gets you to think in such creative ways. I’ve made so many new friends both locally and around the globe that D&D is an important part of my life, it’s now become my duty to torment them with really bad puns.”

Also if any there’s any D&D players that want to go out with him, he’ll happily give you a d8. Find him on Twitter here.

Josh is 28 from the UK and is currently a full-time streamer with a passion for games, art and all things tabletop. His love for tabletop gaming started 2 years ago when he first tried D&D at a local gaming club. He believes that D&D is not only a fun game, but also a collaborative community building experience where you get to change who you are and the personality you have. Find him on Twitter here.

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