Rise of the Dark Side


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 Stryder Heap –  Eternal DM since the year 2000. Studied Computer Science at university, specializing in video-games and AI. Calculus tutor, animator and mythology enthusiast. Find him on Twitter here.

Shauna Nakasone – Illustrator and occasional cosplayer. Probably some sort of goblin or polymorphed cat.
Kayla – Illustrator and graphic novelist, descendant of Zuggtmoy and artist for Trapped in the Birdcage, she can be found on Twitter, Instagram & Twitch as kayncli.

Grant Ellis – Grant is the Bad Boy of Dungeons & Dragons! Find him on Twitter here.

Amber – Amber is a registered nurse and Dungeon Master. Find her on Twitter here.


LaughLoveLindy – Lindy loves to dance, travel, play videogames,and snuggle cats! She runs her own D&D Channel on Twitch here.