Curse of Strahd

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Gareth – Gareth is an okay guy, all things considered. Find him on Twitter here.


Sydney – Social Media Manager, available for booking via Encounter Roleplay here. Small blonde girl. Find her on Youtube here.


Zippy_Zippo –   Streamer and Theatre Actor who is up for all kinds of adventure! Zippy enjoys creating characters and stories with all his fellow players as well as just having a great time! You can catch his stream on Twitch where you can watch him commentate on a variety of different games as well as play some community games.

Silthulhu – Hailing to you from New Zealand, Aotearoa, the land of hobbits and the haka, Silthulhu (aka Hanne) is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator by trade. She also dabbles in the occasional streaming of games and art on Twitch, and in her spare time she enjoys rolling dice and taking names, tinkering with indie game development, and crafting all the things. She can be found on Twitter here.

Remley Farr – Known online as Insomniacs Ink, Rem is a Twitch streamer specializing in D&D map making, miniature painting, and video gaming. He writes modules for the DM’s Guild and plays Eldar in Warhammer 40K because he’s totally fine with people thinking he’s a jackass. Find him on Twitter here.

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