Sources of the Unknown: Xanthar’s Guide To Everything Else





This series will give you insight into games and expansions that you might not have ever heard of before.  Most of these titles are exclusive to certain online retailers and can be applied to games that you currently play or add more to your home-brew games.  If you know of a book or game that’s just released or about to be released let me know on twitter; @mbertolini



This sourcebook provides a plethora of scribbles, scrolls, and schemes curated by Volothamp Geddarm’s protégé, Aladair, pilfered from Xanathar prior to publication of his Guide to Everything. Presented in the crime syndicate’s unique style, including a high fashion collector’s cover, the DMs Guild Adepts bring you new player options, including subclasses for every class, backgrounds, magic items, a race, DM rules options, and an adventure!

This book, written by several members of the DMs Guild, is an expansion on what the DM and players can do, further expanding on other supplemental material.  The book includes 25 subclasses, 5 new backgrounds, 1 new race (Feyblood), 6 new rules exclusively for DMs, and a plethora of new magical items to be used.

It has been available since the holiday season and remains one of the latest releases in the DMs Guild D&D Adept League.  This book is available for download AND/OR physical purchase at


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