Step into the Dystopian Universe in Evil Hat’s Uprising

Step into the Dystopian Universe in Evil Hat’s Uprising

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The classic and iconic tropes in dystopian, cyberpunk settings tend to have an oppressed populace ruled by nearly untouchable leaders with a growing band of freedom fighters that form an underground movement in the hopes of liberating the world. One of the most iconic board games, The Resistance by Indie Boards & Cards, has made considerable headway in the tabletop board game arena. Later games such as Coup and One Night Revolution expanded the board games’ setting to the current presentation of Uprising: the Dystopian Universe RPG. Like other DU games, there will be government agents and cunning spies, along with iconic caveats such as trust and betrayal, and combating the institutions of the world hellbent on quelling a populace full of unrest and rebellion. Uprising utilizes the Fate Core RPG system with players assuming the roles of characters behind the game cards or creating their own to form their core members of the resistance against their corporate overlords.

According to the Kickstarter description, character archetypes are based on familiar DU cards (based off Coup: Rebellion G54), some playsheets are modeled after particular archetypes or tropes that players can assume but provides apparent customization to personalize the experience. While familiar Fate mechanics will be seen in this game, new ones have been included as well, such as secrets (which is an integral part of the Dystopian Universe setting), new downtime activities to utilize accumulated Fate points, new actions, and an advancement system using character-specific goals to mark milestones. Such goals may cause characters to clash with one another, which only adds more to the story.

Backers have instant access to a preview PDF that contains all of the text found in the finished book but lacks most of the artwork. Having read the document myself, I found the setting to expressed vividly and yet familiar, for someone who has played many of the Dystopian Universe games. One noticeable difference from traditional Fate Core rules would the be character/playsheets. Unlike other Fate games with a wide array of skills, four main skills or actions grant modifiers when rolling Fudge dice. There are new conditions such as compromised, blacklisted, or marked for death; death is a common occurrence in the DU setting according to the disclaimer at the very front of the book. There are nine character playsheets divided into three categories which players can select and customize. Players choose secret cards into a secrets deck, and the GM adds spy cards to it; afterward, players draw two cards from this makeshift deck and pick one of them to be used as their secret during gameplay. Each playsheet has five unique stunts and players can choose two of them at the start of character creation. Like most Fate games, players and their GMs spend time setting up details for the Resistance before moving onto developing the oppressive government the players will fight.

Backer rewards include a digital download of the rulebook PDF at $20 USD with a hardcover copy at $35 USD with a planned shipped date in late 2018. The project is already fully funded and is in the process of unlocking stretch goals. Presently, backers will have a print-on-demand copy of the secrets deck included with their rewards from DriveThruCards. Additional supplements for a corporate catalog, hotspots, and safe houses are also added as digital rewards for all backers. The promise of more stretch goals provides an excellent incentive to spread the word and bring this game to more eyes. If you’ve been a long time fan of the Dystopian Universe board game series from Indie Boards & Cards, you will not want to miss this opportunity to snag a copy of Uprising using a system that provides depth in a beginner-friendly system for any potential Game Master.

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