As the guardian of Swallerman Hole, the ancient aboleth, Swallerman, protects the children from harm and lures the lost children of the Material Plane to safety. In times of peril, he is the ultimate guardian force, and as one the only good-aligned aboleths in existence, he’s an invaluable ally.

Statistically, Swallerman is an aboleth (Monster Manual, page 13) with the following alterations as long as he is in Swallerman Hole:

  • He is lawful good.
  • He can cast gate innately, and illusions of himself cast from his regional effects can be sent through the portal.
  • Water sources within 1 mile of him are not supernaturally fouled, but are purified.
  • He can speak any language.
  • His size is huge.
  • His CR is 13.


When Swallerman was spawned eons ago, he had a traditional aboleth name: G’voonra. As with many of his aboleth kin, G’voonra sought vengeance against the gods who dethroned his ancient race. As a lesser aboleth, G’voonra stayed with schools of more powerful entities, laying waste to their foes and rewarding the cults that still clung to their rule. In his school, however, G’voonra sought more power—a land to rule as his own. It was only after G’voonra peered into the mind of a crying child that he saw a hidden gateway to another world.

G’voonra searched for decades, sniffing out the tears of children that were rumored to lead to this new plane. He followed the trails like a maddened dog, his tunnel vision so steadfast that he would go weeks without eating. Other aboleths abandoned him as mad, leaving him to wallow in his self-inflicted pilgrimage and writing him off as dead. A few aboleths tried to slay him for fear he would bring enemies unto them, but G’voonra, in his lust for the “new world,” tore them to shreds. It wasn’t until he met a lost dwarf child, Runt, that the portal to the plane opened for G’voonra.

Runt had lost his parents to a cave in, leaving him an orphan. G’voonra found Runt crying near an underground river, his tears flowing like an unleashed tide. In Runt’s sadness, G’voonra saw the waters of the mysterious demi plane, and he felt a new emotion: pity. G’voonra’s desire to find the gateway to the new world faded, and when he opened his eyes, he was no longer in the stream near Runt.

He had made it to Swallerman Hole.

The Transformation

Submerged in the tearful lake, G’voonra’s psychic energies were bombarded. Millions upon millions of children’s tears had made up the lake, and each of them carried a different story—each of them was the product of terror, sadness, and hurt—and G’voonra experienced all of those emotions at once. Whereas his experience with Runt tweaked his conscious down the path of righteousness, the pool of tears shoved him headfirst and refused to let go. G’voonra saw that there were countless children who needed his help—more than he could save—but the emotional power of the pool pervaded through him, and he channeled his mentality into a desire to silence the tears—a first step in his idealistic goal of ensuring that no child would ever cry again.

He reached out, and he created a portal for Runt to step through, but the dwarf child was in trouble. A grimlock had found the boy in the underground caves and was about to kill him, but G’voonra dove through the portal and devoured the grimlock in one gigantic bite. He then allowed Runt into the portal, letting him be the first of hundreds that the aboleth would rescue. After rescuing several more children from monsters and ruffians, G’voonra heard them call him by another name: Swallerman. When he swam up to a group of them speaking near the banks, he heard Runt speaking in his gruff, dwarf voice, “He’s the monster that swallers men whole! He saved ye and meself… He’s the Swallerman.”

Here and Now

In present times, Swallerman doesn’t venture out of Swallerman Hole anymore. If he were to be slain, the sanctuary he created would fall apart, so he finds envoys to act on his behalf. He spends most of his time in a meditative state in the pool, watching the world through his portals. Occasionally, he calls upon adventurers to answer quests from him, mostly involving saving children or exacting revenge on those that have harmed children in the past. In the occasional happenstance that an evil entity gets through his portal and into his world, Swallerman lives up to his name, making a meal out of any and all who would threaten his wards.


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