Tales from the Yawning Portal: Episode 6 Recap

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  • Episode 6

Two hundred years ago, the great dwarf smith Durgeddin the Black built Khundrukar, a hidden stronghold for his war of vengeance against all orckind. For years Durgeddin labored, until the orcs discovered Khundrukar and stormed the citadel, slaying all within. Legends say that Durgeddin’s masterful blades and glittering treasures were never found.

The Party were investigating the Forge of Fury, when they fought an ancient dwarven ghost that was inhabiting their Duergar companion. Unfortunately for him, they murdered the Duergar in the process! Headed down to the Dark Lake, the Party failed a Perception check. A Black Dragon rose out of the water and on Turn 1 dealt 36 acid damage to them, murdering them all! A Total Party Kill happened, and everyone was sad!

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