Tattered Fates (Dark Heresy)

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Acolyte Cell Thanatos #325 work for Inquisitor Karkallus, an elusive figure who wields the power to destroy planets. Sent to Quaddis, they begin to uncover the dark secrets of the pleasure planet. Only the Haarlock Legacy and the Tattered Fates can save the Escalon sector.


Novia Taura (Rachael) – Highborn Desperado, lvl 1
Karak’Thule (Wynbjorn) – Feral World Warrior, lvl 1
Volkhardt Decker (Skaggeth) – Voidworld Psyker, lvl 1

Session 1
Agent Grimm sends the Acolytes to the pleasure planet of Quaddis to investigate rumours of a Heretical Cult amongst the nobility. Upon arrival, Novia attempts to lie about their reason for landing in the city of Xicarph, but is unable to present any evidence for this! The Adeptus Arbites go to impound their vessel, at which point Karak’thule brings out his Chainsword and lays waste to them. Eventually they are overwhelmed and the Acolytes are taken to the Headquarters of the Adeptus Arbites. Karak’thule manages to convince the Captain that they are working for the Inquisition, and they are able to avoid a prison sentence. Exploring the city of Xicarph they see that a Masquerade Festival is taking place, and steal some disguises to blend into the crowds. They overhear a man with a Heron Mask boasting about the “Beast Houses” and the great debaucheries taking place there. At the end of the episode, he begins to lead them through the crowds towards the Beast House.

Session 2
The Heron Masked Man drugs the Acolytes as they enter his tent. They awake to find themselves in the Beast House, trapped in Red Cages as Spindle Maws, thin beasts with razor sharp teeth, attack them. They manage to make a line of defence, and are helped by the sudden appearance of a data slate. It begins to turn Volkhardt insane, but they escape into the tunnels of the underbelly of Xicarph. In a medical room they find a dying Inquisitor, Xanthus, who has been similarly captured by the Heron Masked Man. He charges them with uprooting the heresy within the city, and gives them his badge of office.

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