Tavern Combat Example


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So, you might be wondering how combat works in the Tavern! It’s pretty simple; here’s an example for you!

Firebrim Gullgath are both played by separate Players, each line denotes a back and forth conversation between them.

Firebrim exits the tavern to the clearing and goes to the middle to start practicing

Gullgath exits the tavern his great sword gleams in the sun as heads to the clearing where Firebrim is.

Firebrim stops his practice and turns nodding to Gullgath “Ho there friend”

Gullgath nods to Firebrim “It’s been a long time since we have spared together what do you say?” He draws his great sword as it falls to the ground.

Firebrim grins, remembering their last spar, as his weapon reforms. It is an ancient, desiccated looking Glaive but it’s blade is sharp and shiny as if brand new, the grip is wrapped in skeletal hands. Firebrim takes a few further steps back before lowering himself into his ready position  “Aye let’s spar once more”

Gullgath lifts his blade his massive body marches forward as the blade is swung over his shoulder in a position to either be dropped from above or swung from the side.

Firebrim begins to circle around Gullgath keeping his distance before lifting one hand as a bolt of fire shoots out towards the half orc

Gullgaths massive body tries to sidestep the fire but it catches on the side he launches forward and brings the great blade straight down wards to the Dragonborn.

Firebrim, still with one hand raised, sees the massive half orc charging him and swirls around to one side bringing his glaive round with him. However he isn’t fast enough and the great sword’s path comes down slashing along his side somewhat. At the end of the twirl Firebrim jumps back slightly before slashing out horizontally at Gullgath from roughly 10ft away

Gullgath rewinds his blade as he tracks Firebrim seeing the slash from a distant Gullgath once again brings his blade down to try and parry the attack.

At the last moment Firebrim pulls the blade back the attack having been a feint. He then quickly spins the glaive and brings it in a downward diagonal slash from the other side

Gullgath moves his arm back and tries to sidestep it but of being tricked he feels the attack connect going down across his arm.

Seeing the attack connect Firebrim steps round to that side beginning to circle once more maintaining his distance

Gullgath takes his blade and puts it into a more defensive stance he moves fairly quickly for a creature of his size as he kicks dirt at  Firebrim.

Firebrim having kept his eyes on Gullgath’s upper body mostly and his sword doesn’t notice the dirt before it’s too late, raising his arms to try and block it he is too late, staggering back distracted and somewhat blinded

Gullgath takes this opportunity and thrusts forward with his blade attacking from below.

Wildly swinging Firebrim attempts to block but again not being able to see he only partially succeeds, pushing the blade through blind luck away from being a strike that would hit vital organs it still sinks deep. As it goes in Firebrim manages to clear his eyes stepping back  with a loud grunt of pain. Blood slowly begins to drip from the wound as the blade is removed but Firebrim takes this opportunity to unleash a flurry of strikes slashing out at Gullgath three times

Gullgath having time to prepare as  Firebrim took step back manages to push the first to of the attacks away the blades clashing in the air but the third one catching him in the face. It sends Gullgath into blind rage releasing four mighty attacks right back at Fibrim’s his blade swirling like a tornado of blades.

Quickly pulling his glaive back he spins it in an elaborate pattern quickly pushing each of the four attacks just clear of him before he disappears, reappearing 12ft away inhaling quickly before opening his mouth unleashing a torrent of fire breath in a 15ft cone at Gullgath

Gullgath brings his back to the flames as he lates out a roar of pain as the fire scorches his back.

Advancing on Gullgath maintaining the firebreath, Firebrim lets his mind touch Gullgath’s and whispers into his thoughts. “You cannot win this fight”mbat example

Gullgath looks like he is about to fall but roars standing up and jumps at Firebrim releasing a powerful single strike full of his orc rage.

The fire somewhat blinding him, Firebrim doesn’t see the attack coming and is hit full on in the face. staggered back Firebrim wobbles, grinning at Gullgath, looking terrible he rushes back and past Gullgath unleashing a sweeping strike at the half orc’s legs

Gullgath looks like he is about to fall stepping back but falls to his knees instead and looks at the dragon born releasing another battle scream gaining a second wind and release one hand off his great sword attempting to grab Firebrim and head butt him.

Firebrim turning around sees Gullgath attempting to grapple and backtracks slashing out with his glaive once more, a look of uncertainty but also determination on his face. Firebrim appears to be almost down himself, his leg on the side that was previously deeply injured giving out as the glaive rises into Gullgath’s path

Gullgath follows through with his assault taking the the hit still attempting to connect the headbut.

His leg having given way, Firebrim can only watch as the glaive strikes deep into Gullgath and the orc headbutts him, his own head flying back with the force and toppling backwards until he is prone

Gullgath limps to Firebrim his sword dragged behind him he bends down and offers a hand “I win?”

How is Gullgath still standing? He just impaled himself on to Firebrim’s glaive (this is Out of Character Talk)

I got this (this is Out of Character Talk)

Gullgath looks down and sees the blade impaling him, he falls down onto the ground

As Gullgath slumps and falls to the ground, Firebrim rolls out of his way before stumbling to his feet. He takes out 2 healing potions, pouring one into the half orc’s open mouth before taking the other one himself

Gullgath jumps back up and offers a handshake to Firebrim “Good match.”

Taking his hand and shaking it firmly Firebrim nods “Aye, close as always. I warned you though that you could not win” He says with a grin.