Tavern Equipment

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Equipment in the Tavern RP will not be regulated as studiously as it would be in Dungeon and Dragon systems. As with all other aspects of the tavern RP we hope to make this as open and as accessible for more roleplay.

All adventurers residing in the Tavern, on or around the island will be presumed to either have the cash or income to sustain the costs of living and basic equipment. The Island is well equipped to supply adventurers. Any equipment or do not have (for the sake of making things interesting) is up to the player themselves. Within reason for the character.

Always be aware that the world will feel a little bit more immersive if you have to take your sword to get sharpened or even if it breaks after whacking away at a construct with it.

There are limits however, most equipment needs to be reasonable for your character to have. Additionally, equipment of a certain ‘value’ such as magic items or a business (Yes I am stretching the idea of equipment) will need moderation okay and/or a purchase of twitch gold as well as a roleplaying reasoning.


For Free Equipment:

  • Weaponry
  • Food
  • Water
  • Clothing
  • Armor
  • Spyglasses
  • Tents
  • Bedrolls
  • Backpacks
  • Alchemist’s Fire
  • Healing Potions
  • Etc.

For Limited Equipment (Requires both roleplaying and Moderator OK):

  • Butlers
  • Squires
  • Other NPC companions
  • Boats
  • Ships
  • Personal lodgings
  • Small Income Sources
  • Bulky Trade Equipment
  • Bulk Supplies
  • Resurrection
  • Constructs
  • Firearms
  • Bags of Holding
  • Etc.

For Purchased Equipment (Requires purchase of Twitch Gold as well as Limited Equipment requirements)

  • Pets
  • Magical Weapons
  • Magical Armor
  • Stable Business
  • Personalised Rooms in the Tavern

Magical Equipment

Bear in mind that we don’t have stat upgrades or +2 magic swords in here. What separates these magic items from standard items is entirely up to the player and the moderators. While the setting follows typical high fantasy concepts; magical weapons are enhanced, stronger and sharper by default. What precisely the magic does is up to you and your creativity.

The Buzz-Kill

Now for the bad news, before you go around grabbing up the God-Slaying Katana of Awesomeness or buying up all the businesses on the island Fable-style. This is ultimately a collaborative writing and roleplaying experience. Equipment, magical, businesses and otherwise, should be there to help characters and story.

Moderators will be the final say on what you can and cannot have. If you are uncertain if something is allowed or not, ask one of them. We hope to say yes, but sometimes we will have to say no. Should we see you abusing this equipment system in a way that does not make in-universe sense, we will step it. Sad times.