Tavern Rules

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  • No Metagaming (using out of character knowledge within roleplay)
  • Homebrew races and classes must be run past a world GM before approval
  • Character death is possible, but only with consent of the Player whose Character that is and by running it past a Moderator. If you want the character resurrected, make a plea to one of the World GMs, and if you can convince them it would make a good story line, they will run it and bring your character back. This will not happen to every dead character, it is down to the World GM’s discretion
  • All Magic items, Rooms and Pets must be paid for with your Twitch Gold before being used in the tavern
  • All Magic items will be run past the moderators before approval
  • Adventure rooms are for the use of more than two characters, and come on a first come first served basis, unless previously booked on the website. Please start and end all adventures clearly so people know when the rooms are free – Scenes between two characters can be Roleplayed via Direct Messages.
  • Put your characters away before you leave the RP, and when you rejoin, your character is where it was last left
  • You may only NPC another character with the players permission and only simple actions such as taking them to bed or having them tag along with your character. If you do NPC a character, DM the player their character’s current location so they know where they are
  • PCs may only perform basic NPC interactions with the barkeep, Bobby, such as ordering food/drink. Any more complex interactions must be approved by moderators or a World GM
  • All Character Speech should be in speech marks, and actions in italics
  • Characters cannot be NPC’d through one shots


Players seen breaking the rules will be punished.

Strike 1 – Warning

Strike 2 – 24 hour ban from roleplay

Strike 3 – one week ban from roleplay

Further breaking of these rules will result in a permanent ban from roleplay

Strikes will be kept on record for six weeks before removal.