Here are the Testimonials from Companies who have worked with EncounterRoleplay before and invested in Playtesting Sessions, Week Long Promotions, Strategy Development Packageds. See what they have to say about our service!

“EncounterRoleplay were an invaluable part of our marketing campaign which ultimately contributed to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign!” – Stuart Yee
Black Void is a fantastically dark RPG with a unique twist on the genre. As a huge fan of dark fantasy, I find myself continually drawn to the easy-play nature of this game which makes it a great game to introduce beginners to. – Will Jones of EncounterRoleplay.

Thomas Lackemann: “I sincerely loved working with Will and Encounter Roleplay for our recent Power VTT promotion. The traffic and attention we received was insanely valuable to us, especially in the early days of the platform. Between the videos, live streams, and social media posts, Will and the entire team were able to engage their audience and keep them attracted to our platform without making it sound like a boring sales pitch. I’m looking forward to the next time I get to work with the team!”

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Flannel Gary: “Lost Artifacts of Greyghast was our team’s first Kickstarter together. Several of us had experience working on other projects, but this was our baby and we were very sensitive about who we trusted with it when it came to marketing and exposure. We talked to several podcasts, YouTube streams, Twitch Channels, etc. but it was the gang over at Encounter Roleplay that impressed us the most. They were economical, and the advertising packages they offered really hit our budget just right–you gotta pay for what you want, but there are smart ways to do it and the amount of exposure, support, and side-services they offered with their packages just added so much value. It was a risk, these things always are no matter how popular a channel is, but once we saw the way Will and the channel promoted us, saw the audience respond, and saw those backer numbers jump up, we knew we made the right choice.

We didn’t just get mentioned, we got TALKED ABOUT.  Our content, our project, our updates, it was all part of a multi-channel marketing execution on Twitter and Twitch that really made huge gains for our project. Their reach with fans of tabletop roleplaying is great. Their community is really engaging. And everything from our logo to the article on their site to the interview was all handled in a top-notch way. We enjoyed working with them so much, we opted to do another campaign push during the same Kickstarter.  In the end, results matter and we can say that our project cleared well over 200% funded (and it was an expensive project, at that) and we wouldn’t have gotten there without Encounter Roleplay.

I’m not just recommending them, I’d encourage anyone to contact me personally about our experience, and we’re going to use them for our next project–no question.”

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Dragon Drop Adventures are easy to implement, high octance, and fun, single session adventures for Dungeons & Dragons 5E that successfully funded on Kickstarter in early 2017!

Robert Marriner-Dodds: “EncounterRoleplay were a pleasure to work with. They are professional, and their unique and interactive style brilliantly showcased our product. Our initial goal when looking to work with EncounterRoleplay was to increase brand recognition and awareness, and that was achieved. I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Watch our Playtesting Session here!

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Star Ascension is a gritty Sci-fi RPG which recently succeeded on Kickstarter, during which we ran several Playtesting Sessions. It takes a classic approach to a genre which has some incredible competitors for it to stand next to, and it does so with aplomb.

Stuart Yee, Star Ascension Creator: “Will and his EncounterRoleplay cohorts were an invaluable part of our marketing campaign which ultimately contributed to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign launching our first game, Star Ascension.

Their vastly entertaining gaming and roleplaying style brings your game to life showcasing it in a way that traditional marketing cannot. With a large and ever expanding follower base, they can consistently bring fresh eyes to your product. Using Twitch’s chat window, you can interact in real time with other viewers taking an interest in your game! If you’ve got a game in development or one already on the shelves that you’d like shared with the world, Will and his rowdy adventurers are the way to go!”

Watch the Playtesting Session here!

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City of Mist is a Modern Day Noir RPG which recently succeeded on Kickstarter, smashing several Stretch Goals, during which EncounterRoleplay ran a Week Long promotion and a Playtesting Session. It was incredible fun, with a gripping and intense plot coupled with a rules-light system to boot. A System that was an absolute pleasure to get the chance to play!

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The Pastry Lady, part of the Barovian Bedtime Stories from Session Zero is a classic horror story set in a haunted house. Based on one our favourite Chapters from Curse of Strahd, this Module is incredible value for a PWYW price!

Levi Clark, CEO of Session Zero: “Will and the amazing players at EncounterRoleplay are very easy to work with, they played through our Barovian Bedtime Stories horror adventure in a fabulously fun manner and everyone who was in the stream interacted with everyone in the chat throughout the entire play through. These guys are funny and work well together, I definitely recommend doing business with them and personally go back to their Twitch channel every day to see what they’re playing because they’re just so entertaining! I will be utilizing their services again!”

Watch the Playtesting Session here!

Their capacity for fun, their inclusive way of embracing and engaging viewers, and their innate sense of narrative and story flow made a believer out of me! – Brian Feister, Open Legend Creator



Domes of Ishaq Zahur recently succeeded on Kickstarter in September 2016 with EncounterRoleplay running  a Week Long Promotion and multiple Playtesting Sessions! We are very proud to see Domes go to print and for our community to be such a part of the process and campaign.

Jon Kelly, 2CGaming: EncounterRoleplay did wonderful work taking our module and bringing it to life for their audience. They intelligently chose changes that were appropriate for their setting and audience, while keeping all the core elements of the module. We received an impressive boost to social media visibility and involvement!

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Open Legend is a free, stream-lined tabletop roleplaying game that was designed to let you tell big stories using small rules. We are long term friends of Open Legend and continue to support Brian and his team after their success on Kickstarter! From creation to full release, EncounterRoleplay are proud to have been there every step of the way, and we have a long standing series on the Channel to this day.

Brian Feister – Open Legend RPG Creator: Having gamed for the last 20 years, I’d never have guessed it would become the spectator sport it has in recent years. Prior to teaming up with the EncounterRoleplay team, I had never seen gaming done in a way that would be compelling enough to make me a regular viewer of a live gameplay stream. Their capacity for fun, their inclusive way of embracing and engaging viewers, and their innate sense of narrative and story flow made a believer out of me!

Watch the Open Legend Playtesting session!



A dice-and-paper RPG where A Game of Thrones meets the Brothers Grimm. Based on “Fellwater”, the urban fantasy series by Brendan Myers.

Brendan Myers, Ph.D, creator: The  EncounterRoleplay team have a rare combination of talent for a gaming group: impeccably professional and at the same time loads of fun. Their ‘stress test’ of the engine of my Hidden Houses game was both entertaining to watch and very helpful; there’s no doubt my game is better for having seen them try to break it!

Watch the Hidden Houses Playtesting session!



Skirmish! VT is a tile-based virtual tabletop software designed for use with roleplaying games and war simulations. Its system-agnostic plug-in based structure allows users to play virtually any game of any genre, both online and offline.

Chris, Skirmish Dev:  The nice bunch over at EncounterRoleplay are true roleplaying enthusiasts! When they approached us about using our homegrown virtual tabletop for their stream we agreed right away. Their promotion really helps us making our product known to the right audience.

Watch the Skirmish VTT Interview!



EVERYVERSE RPG is the COMPLETE role-playing game that we got the opportunity to Playtest in August 2016.

Debra Hoenig Parizek, CEO, ParDen Us Gaming: I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to Encounter Roleplay for featuring my late husband’s gaming system, EVERYVERSE RPG, on Sunday, August 14th. Using his generic rules base, EncounterRoleplay developed a pirates scenario. That scenario was creative and the gaming was fun to watch, a good showcase for the versatility of the system. I appreciate the comments and feedback EncounterRoleplay made at the end of the session. EncounterRoleplay has offered to play EVERYVERSE RPG again any time. I will be taking them up on that offer as the supplement books become available.

Watch us play EVERYVERSE RPG!



Awaken is a tabletop roleplaying game set in a dark, war-ravaged fantasy world heavily influenced by Slavic and Mediterranean folklore, where the forgotten mythologies have resurfaced as Vasalli, powerful humans gifted with abilities capable of changing the course of history. They completed their Kickstarter campaign with $25,267!

Zoltan, Awaken Dev: The guys over at EncounterRoleplay are great! It was a first live presentation of Awaken and I was a little nervous, but relaxed approach to the interview helped me feel comfortable and it was a blast. Their genuine interest and eagerness made for a great presentation. Check them out, you won’t be sorry!


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