The Authors


Welcome the Writer’s Block, a collection of talented writers who contribute their work to Encounter Roleplay. Find out about their interests & work down below! Interested in joining? Contact us here.

Ex_Libris – A long time RPG nerd and scoundrel. When he is not talking about how much he loves Warhammer Fantasy RPG, he is annoying you with slightly different topics such as video games or books. A history buff, military veteran, as well as the more important husband and father, he spends entirely too much time on the internet and he is not very proud of that. You can find him on Twitter here.


Craig Simpson – Writer, occasional streamer and currently studying creative writing and mythology while living between the UK and the Bahamas. Craig has been a DM for around 5 years and has taken a huge interest in cartography from various sources. Find out more by following him @cragusmaximuspm or on Twitch/Cragusmaximuspm (Magic: the Gathering and Gwent when the time is available).

Ethan Hudgens – Battle-cartographer, ancient tome writer and mathemagician. When not making Monday “Mapday” maps for EncounterRoleplay, he is off making an adventure module about Vikings and dream-monsters over here

Mack Eaton – Currently working as a Game Designer in Toronto, Mack has been playing D&D and Pathfinder for over 5 years. Game mechanics and story telling are Mack’s areas of interest, and his only regret is having not found the delights of D&D sooner.

Summer – Summer is a graphic designer and part time streamer from the US. Having discovered her love for DnD this past year she uses every spare moment of her life to play, plan, write and talk to other enthusiasts. She’s been DMing since February ‘17 and loves to get advice from other DMs about how to become better. She also hosts a weekly stream called Off the Table where she interviews other DMs about various DnD topics. Aside from DnD her hobbies include watching Sense and Sensibility on repeat, drinking beer, and listening to too many true crime podcasts. Find her on Twitter here.

 Stryder Heap –  Eternal DM since the year 2000. Studied Computer Science at university, specializing in video-games and AI. Calculus tutor, animator and mythology enthusiast. All-in-all just a proud geek. Gonna be your go to guy for adventures. If you have any questions hit me up on twitter @StryderHeap