The Broken Kingdom

Season One saw the rise of the demon lord Moldark as he overthrew his mother, The Raven Queen. Season Two saw Moldark’s harrowed return to the land of Atonica, bringing destruction and ruin to the Broken Kingdoms. Taking the form of a great dire wolf and leading an army of magically controlled orcs, Moldark’s wave of darkness began crashing over the world. Desperate to unify the Broken Kingdoms in one last defence against the Lord of Darkness, a group of unlikely heroes set off to the ruins of Asgard, the fallen star and home to the gods. As Moldark’s army prepares for its final siege against the mountain fortress of Bleak Readout, the party rides to meet him. Armed with the light of the gods and riding the Guardian of Asgard (the great Tarrasque!), our heroes marched to war. There ended Season Two…


Alex Telamus (Mitch) – Human/Were-Goat, Bard, lvl 7
Garren Stormforged (Finbar) – Half-Orc, Cleric (Tempest), lvl 7
Cain Hollow (Josh) – Damphir, Ranger, lvl 7
Algin Nailo (Mythematic) – Gnome, Necromancer, lvl 7

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