Museum of Magicks – The Interrogator

Museum of Magicks – The Interrogator

A collection carefully curated by infamous adventurers that include everything from battered trinkets to divine instruments of the gods.
by Mack Eaton    Twitter

“The Knights of Holy Judgment carry around this silver box they refer to as The Interrogator. I’ve never seen them use it, but I’ve certainly heard them use it. It sounds painful but it gets results.”

A faint warm glow emits from the one hole on the side of this rectangular silver box. The surface of the box covered in litany to Tyr, the God of Justice, with his balanced scales resting on a warhammer inscribed on the top and bottom sides. The Interrogator is large enough to fit a person’s hand and up to half of their forearm, and once a person’s hand is inside the Interrogator’s mission begins.

As a person’s hand is placed inside of the Interrogator they must make a DC20 Will save to remove their hand. Should they succeed they are not affected by the Interrogator’s inquisition, should they fail they become complacent with their current situation and the interrogation process begins.

The wielder of the Interrogator may use the Interrogator on one subject per day and may ask up to 3 questions per interrogation. Posing the same question multiple times counts as using multiple question charges. The subject is compelled to only answer the questions posed by the owner of the box and ignores all other inquisitions.

When answering a question if the subject is lying they must make a DC15 Deception check. On success there is no reaction. On failure the subject feels the light in the Interrogator burn their hand for 1d8 holy damage, and must make a DC10 + Damage Received Constitution save to not show signs of the Interrogator damaging them. Once the third question is asked or the owner of The Interrogator removes the box their hand is revealed to be in pristine condition and not burned at all.


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