The Pirates of ColdHarbour

The Pirates of ColdHarbour streams live on Twitch Tuesdays, 4-7pm EST.

YARRGHHH! ColdHarbour be under attack by privateer scumbags from the Southern Land! Them idiot knaves will rue the day they sprung on our here beloved pirate port, for the Five Pirate Lords have all returned to defend their sacred home! With them come all manner of strange and courageous crewman from distant lands, all with their own outlandish stories to tell…


Nancy Locke (Beth) – Human, Rogue, lvl 7
Argo Flotsam (Finbar) – Fiefling, Warlock, lvl 7
Ripley (Will) – Human(?), Ranger, lvl 7
Xarik Tiblum (Mitch) – Gnome, Alchemist, lvl 7

Session 1
With a small privateer fleet bearing down on the Coldharbour, the surviving pirate lords gather to decide their fate. As an argument breaks out over the best course of action, a prisoner from the enemy fleet is brought in. He claims that he used to be a scribe for Prince Albion, the elf that is sending ships to seize the Coldharbour. He tells them that the prince’s power is somehow linked to the Gry’Shen rift, a sea-trench in the middle of the open ocean surrounded by superstition and fear. They agree to send a single ship to Gry’Shen, captained by young upncomer Nancy Locke and a motley crew of anyone they can spare…

Session 2
As the crew begin to board the strange dragon ship and head out on their epic voyage, a new player is introduced. Xarick, a gnome alchemist with a lack of moral compass has been sent to assist the crew. Tensions are high on deck as strange magic effects everyone on board in someone and a near instantaneous mutiny is launched by someone from Nancy’s past. Vowing to resolve this at a later date, the ship slips away as a naval battle breaks out between the Pirates and the besieging privateers. Suddenly and without warning the two sides unleash the two krakens and a battle begins between the two beasts…with our players caught smack dab in the middle.

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