The Tavern is Closing

After well over 18 months of development & hard work, we’ve decided to close down The Tavern Roleplay.  The Discord server will remain open, but as of April 16th 2017 the Roleplay side will be closed down.

I’m sure many of you will be upset to see the Tavern go, after time invested in the games with many stories having been told there. That’s why we wanted to give everyone the chance to send off their characters, say their farewells, or venture to new Discord RP adventuring grounds.

The decision for us was difficult to make. Ultimately the Moderation team no longer felt as though they could continue, with jobs, life & the amount of work that the Tavern produces for them. I felt as though I’ve given the project a fair second chance. Earlier last year when we re-launched the Tavern, I was hopeful that we could avoid some of the same issues that we ran into in the past. Unfortunately we couldn’t, and so it’s time for us to say a fond farewell.

Perhaps one day we’ll return to a similar project, but it has no place in my plans for the future of my company. There are other fantastic servers out there but becoming that is not something I’ve ever wanted for EncounterRoleplay. We will remain focused on the most important feature of EncounterRoleplay: Livestreamed Content 6 days a week on Twitch. This will allow us to focus on exciting new projects such as our Kickstarter release and our Charity stream this Friday April 7th in memory of a friend, Evann Todd.

All of the Character sheets & Lore will also be removed on April 30th 2017. Remember that any and all sheets are still available to you via email forever, but should you request any items from the site, please reach:

I’d encourage everyone involved to not take out any feelings of frustration on the Moderation team or other players, as the Mods have been nothing but excellent over the past few months. They deserve a thorough round of applause for the sheer amount of work that they’ve put in, and we’ve been lucky to have them devote their time and attention to the Server. Here’s a few words from the Mods themselves:

FlamingKilla: “I took over moderating the server during a turbulent time and tried my best to guide and steer it in a direction we could all enjoy. I may not have been the most successful at this, and there have definitely been ups and downs but I can say with a 100% certainty that my time moderating has been enlightening and most enjoyable. However due to the time that managing the server requires combined with a new job I feel that I must once more prioritize my real life commitments and so have decided to step down as a moderator of the server.”

AzuryTheKitty: Over my short time of moderating I’ve come to realized it’s tough, but it’s worth it if it had made other roleplayer’s lives easier. I’ve seen the fluxuation of the Tavern RP and how it would have its drama and wonders. I honestly enjoyed every single bit and I will always remember it. Sadly, I will be stepping down from this position due to many issues. May your dice never fail, cause I want to be around to see them.

TreeHuggingDruid: Back in November, I started an adventure as a mod of this server. I witnessed up and downs, left and right, but somehow we managed. I will be stepping down from my position and I hope that you will respect whoever Will chooses to take our places. One storyline ends, another begins.

TemplarWarden: My time as a moderator of this server was a very interesting time. I was challenged in a number of ways and certainly learnt quite a bit. I took up moderating in hopes of being able to help provide an enjoyable and engaging experience for roleplayers. I have certainly enjoyed running some of the roleplay and adventures, creating stories. I hope you all enjoyed things in the same way, because if even a little is a success. I apologise for many of the difficulties I may have brought on and as I step down. I certainly hope you all stay around to enjoy the stream, as well as find other places to enjoy roleplaying.

Thanks so much for the good times with the Tavern Roleplay.






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