PC: Tiaopi Wuornos Schrivastava

Name: Tiaopi Wuornos Schrivastava

PlayerTag: Celestrien

Details: Gnome, Female,53, Necromancer

Titles: Demon of Tumblescrub



Tiaopi is a gnome who is 3’1” tall. She is pale and skinny yet muscled. Her face is smooth except for the symbol above her right brow and the white line of a big scar on her throat, bright yellow eyes gaze into the world, and she has an everlasting grin. She has long untamed silvery-white hair tied into a sloppy ponytail held together by a pin made from solid obsidian she wears a ragged black dress with a dark purple corset over top. Her left arm is bare showing intricate tattoo’s depicting several fiends, demons and undead gods and the other arm is covered by a sleeve made from bones collected from small critters. Through the ragged dress, red wide baggy pants can be seen, a tarot deck dangling from her hip. The only weapon Tiaopi appears to be Wielding is her magical staff carved from the spine of an evil creature and is wrapped with black leather. Tiaopi usually doesn’t talk but if she does she has a soothing soft voice she only raises when she is drunk (which happens occasionally)


Personality & Concept:

Tiaopi is a cruel intimidating person to those who oppose her, most people try to avoid her as much as possible. But those who she trusts can rely on her to help whatever way she can. She never really cared for noble birth and believes title and fame must be earned in her years wandering the world she always aspired to be the best in everything which has more than once led to shameful experiences.



Tiaopi grew up in the town of Tumblescrub a small village inhabited by gnomes, raised by the court-wizard all her infant life she lived at the court in her town helping out with the chores, and learning magic she surpassed her teacher when she was still a child and when she had her first bleeding she applied for a mage guild. No answer came from the mages guild, and she decided to train her magical arts on her own. She left for the mountains where she learned the art of resurrecting the dead, curses and the ability to change elements. But the more she dabbled in the dark arts the more cruel she became. One day she overestimated her power, she cursed her home village and disappeared from the surface of the mortal plane



Tiaopi is the daughter of Raberius Wuornos Tumblescrub, the founder of Tumblescrub village. Even though she never had the pleasure of meeting him in person as he died many years ago. She respects his legacy more than anything. Tiaopi’s mother is Glaisie Schrivastava, a world famous fortune teller. The 2 occasionally speak but Tiaopi does not like her mother much. Uncommon in gnome society Tiaopi has no brothers or sisters, only her trusty mastiff Epnos named after the goddess of shadows



Tiaopi arrived at the Gilded Galgatron to research ways to lift the curse over her village



“Staff of evil intent”: this white spine staff covered with dark bloodstained leather from the underworld radiates a vile aura only felt by people who have ever been affected by a curse.

The person linked to the staff is able to interact with undead creatures and demons and will be seen as an ally by undead as if he or she is one of them.



“Deck of the demon lord”: this deck of tarot cards features all normal tarot cards with pictures of horrible scenes.

The deck does exactly the same as a normal deck of tarot, but will always show the Tower(bad omen) when magic of necromantic nature is nearby.



Epnos is Tiaopi’s trusty mount, a large white and brown spotted mastiff with black stripes. She is a kind soul, greeting everyone with a loud happy bark. When Tiaopi and Epnos go on a trip she wears ragged cloth similar to her masters dress and a beautifully yet frightful decorated saddle featuring flasks and pots full of alchemical ingredients

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