Tomb of Annihilation Episode 1 Recap

Tomb of Annihilation Episode 1 Recap

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  • Episode 1

All assassinations start with whispers in dreams.

Quinn, the Druid.

Grob, the Barbarian.

Rurick, the Paladin.

And Hezekiah, the Rogue.

A fellowship formed to kill a god. A quest so vital its only chance is the shield of secrecy. However for a being like the lich-god Acererak secrets are just another part of the game.

With their recent past clouded by forces and magic unknown to them, the heroes awaken aboard a merchant vessel, The Lady Luck. As confusion and disorientation set in, the ship falls prey to The Black Spectre, a craft of piracy and murder most foul. In an armed conflict culminating inside a powerful maelstrom, the group again fell to darkness as The Lady Luck sundered. Shipwrecked, separated and washed ashore on a mysterious island, the fragmented group searches for one another while trying to piece together the circumstances that led them to this desperate situation. Quickly they realize that this land contains wonders and dangers unseen by most of the Realms. Dinosaurs, giant thundering lizards from Faerun’s past, hold dominion over this place, and they do not like visitors. Challenged to a task they do not remember or understand, the group must survive long enough to regain their memories, but perhaps these memories hold further secrets.

Join us for our next episode of Tomb of Annihilation… VISION QUEST

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