Tomb of Annihilation Episode 2 Recap

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  • Episode 2: Vision Quest

All assassinations start with whispers in dreams.

Quinn, the Druid.

Grob, the Barbarian.

Rurick, the Paladin.

And Hezekiah, the Rogue.

A fellowship formed to kill a god.

A quest so vital its only chance is the shield of secrecy. However for a being like the lich-god Acererak secrets are just another part of the game.

Reunited and momentarily safe, the party found itself in the small village of the Paku tribe. Strangely prepared for their arrival, the Chief, Cargoth, took them to see their Duneie and bear witness to the visions his magic evoked. Each member of the party experienced something from their past, present and future, but like all elements of this quest, secrecy further jeopardized an already dire situation. When they regained their senses, the Duneie appeared possessed by an unknown force, and though unable to ‘see’ the group, the voice of the possessor leaked from the old Shaman’s throat promising annihilation.

With their Vision Quest at an end, the heroes learned of a Paku prophecy; one that spoke of the four of them defending the tribe against foreign invaders. True to the story, the group took position in an ancient fortress and defeated the remains of The Black Spectre’s pirate crew. The prophecy fulfilled and their future’s foretold, the group must now journey into the very heart of darkness…Chult.

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