Tomb of Annihilation Episode 3 Recap: Welcome to the Jungle

Tomb of Annihilation Episode 3: Welcome to the Jungle

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  • Episode 3

All assassinations start with whispers in dreams. Quinn, the Druid. Grob, the Barbarian. Rurick, the Paladin. And Hezekiah, the Rogue. A fellowship formed to kill a god. A quest so vital its only chance is the shield of secrecy. However for a being like the lich-god Acererak secrets are just another part of the game.

Gone from the village of Selu and newly arrived on the peninsula of Chult, the party dared the streets of the beautiful Port Nyanzaru. At one with the jungle surrounding it, Port Nyanzaru displayed the symbiosis of a society built in harmony with nature and an ingenuity of conservation lacking in most of the other cities of the Realms. As they traveled the cobblestone streets, the decision was made by Raven, their enigmatic fifth member, to visit the Temple of Savras.

There truths were revealed to both Hezekiah and Grob…a fitting pair to receive divination. Falling afoul of some of the locals, the party was confronted and threatened with arrest, detainment, and perhaps something even more sinister. They resisted and left their attackers to the damp cobblestones of Port Nyanzaru.

However, events have been set in motion and for all its enlightenment, Port Nyanzaru is still a small and static society, one where a shift in power cannot be tolerated. Charged with the murder of those that threatened them, the party finds themselves sentenced to something called the Executioner’s Run.

All that and the return of The Nine Trickster Gods in the next episode of Tomb of Annihilation!

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