Tomb of Annihilation Episode 4 Recap

Tomb of Annihilation Episode 4: Welcome to the Jungle

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  • Episode 4

Accused of murder and left to the ancient punishments of Port Nyanzaru, the fellowship found themselves contestants in the Executioner’s Run. Part courtroom, part spectacle, the Run pitted the party against a gauntlet of Chult’s native predators, the dinosaurs.

However before their appointed ‘courtdate,’ two unique figures entered the tale. A befuddled wizard (is there any other kind?) named Alazhaar joined the party during their incarceration before the Run. A purveyor of mushrooms, sharp wit and secrets, the old human quickly carved out his place in the newly formed company. Also joining them in their cell was the Realm-renowned author and peddler of ‘questionable’ tales, Volothamp Geddarm.

Volo promised to aid the party in securing passage into the interior of Chult, for the low, low price of his guaranteed survival in the Executioner’s Run. By working in concert with their newly acquired wizard, the party bested the trials of the Run and made their way to Ekene-Afa, the Merchant Prince in charge of river transportation and canoe sales.

After meeting their appointed guide, Azaka Stormfang, and acquiring a passenger, Ekene-Afa’s son, Tiryk, the party set off into the heart of darkness; toward uncountable evils and their destinies.

Join us next time as the party finds themselves in the shadow of FireFinger and at the mercy of The Nine Trickster Gods!

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