Unearthed Arcana “Mystic Class” Part 3

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Part 3: Sub Classes

For the mystic their subclasses are referred to as “mystic orders” and this article has 6 to choose from, a pretty substantial number for an Unearthed Arcana. Each Order gives the player access to their own unique list of disciplines, so choose your subclass wisely.

The first is “Order of the Avatar” where the mystic uses his psionic powers to amplify and manipulate the emotions of others. They can inspire and bring courage to their allies and to their enemies they can frighten and confuse.

At level 1 they get two additional disciplines from their unique list, proficiency with medium armor and shields. Pretty standard fare for a casting class. Level 3 grants “Avatar of Battle” which gives allies within 30ft +2 to initiative and at Level 6 they get “Avatar of Healing” allies within the same distance heal HP equal to your Int modifier whenever the mystic regains health from a psionic discipline. Lastly at level 14 you get “Avatar of Speed” which lets allies use the dash action as a bonus action.


Order of the Awakened” is the study of the mental powers that give the mystic their strength. They get two psionic disciplines, a new skill proficiency to choose from, “psionic investigation” which allows the player to focus his mental energy on an object for 10 minutes and learn something about the object and its environment from the last 24 hours. At level 6 the mystic can use “psionic surge” which allows them to impose disadvantage on a target’s saving throw against a psionic discipline. Finally at level 14 they can turn into a ghostly apparition and pass through solid objects and get resistance toward all damage.


Order of the Immortal” is when the mystic uses psionic energy to augment their physical being. They get to choose 2 disciplines from the appropriate list, “immortal durability” which raises their HP max by 1 per mystic level and gives them unarmored defense similar to a barbarian (AC = 10 + Con + Dex). Level 3 grants an ability which gives the mystic temporary HP equal to your int mod, and 6 lets you half damage against you as a reaction if you use your psionic focus. The pinnacle ability of this sub class is “immortal will” which lets the mystic gain HP equal to mystic level + con mod if you are at 0 HP at the start of your turn.


For mystics who desire to obtain knowledge join the “Order of the Nomad” and dedicate their life to travel and discovery. They of course get two additional disciplines from their own list, “breadth of knowledge” which lets the player gain two additional proficiencies with a choice between skills, tools, or languages. At level 3 they can teleport as a reaction to a spot that they have previously occupied since the start of their last turn, and at 6 they can buff their teleport discipline distance by 10 ft. Level 14 you can forfeit up to 30 feet of your movement to teleport the distance you forfeited.


Order of the Soul Knife” is the focus on physical weapons created through psionic energy. They receive proficiency with medium armor and martial weapons as well as “soul knife” which lets the mystic create a blade of psychic energy (martial melee weapon, light and finesse properties and 1d8 psychic damage) and use them to gain +2 bonus on AC. The rest of this subclass’ abilities focus on buffing the player’s soul knife, at level 3 they can expend psi points to gain bonuses to the attack rolls and damage of the weapon, “consumptive knife” at level 6 which lets the mystic regain 2 psi points after slaying a creature with a soul knife, and finally at level 14 they get “phantom knife” which makes the target’s AC 10 for one attack from the mystic regardless of the target’s actual AC.


Order of the Wu Jen” mystics specialize in attempting to control the forces of the natural world and focus on the elements and their mastery. Level 1 they get their two disciplines of course as well as a skill proficiency of their choice and at level 3 they can expend a psi point to remove a target’s resistance to damage dealt by a psionic discipline. Level 6 grants “arcane dabbler” which allows the mystic to learn any 3 wizard spells of their choice levels 1 through 3. The mystic can expend psi points to create spell slots for these spells, remaining until they finish a long rest. Lastly at level 14 if the player has resistance to a certain type of damage and receives damage of that type they can use their reaction to take no damage from it.


These subclasses seems pretty uneven to me. At the start of the list you have Avatar and Awakened and those two seem really weak compared to the other two, especially Wu Jen and Soul Knife which have some pretty strong combat abilities. Immortal seems okay, some nice defense bonuses in there and Nomad focuses on teleport stuff which can be useful but not in every scenario. Honestly I would probably only ever choose between Wu Jen, Soul Knife or Immortal depending on the game. It is not unusual to have some subclasses be more useful or powerful than others but the deck seems more unbalanced than usual.


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