Update: 24 Hour Stream & Tavern!


This Month’s 24 Hour Stream is going to have to pushed back to November 5th this Month as I’ve got a family wedding to attend! This does indeed mean that I’ll be doing TWO 24 Hour Streams this Month: on the 5th & the 26th. My body is crying out in anticipatory pain.

This Saturday however I’ll be hosting the AllForGeekAlliance as they partake in an Extra Life D&D Marathon! Go show some support: https://www.twitch.tv/allforgeekalliance 


In Tavern news, we’re performing a huge overhaul of the System to make it beginner friendly and vastly more accessible than it was. We’re taking a step away from D&D5E and going towards an Open System of Play (more info can be found here). On stream we’re doing #TavernHour shows in which we write the Lore of the World with you guys, and it’s coming along brilliantly. November 7th is the date for the re-launch!


May I also suggest you have a listen to our new D&D Actual Play Podcast; Adventurers Anonymous, to fill your waking hours on Saturday without me. With the death of my PC, we lost a bunch of files, but we’re getting our next Episode up as soon as possible!

Until then folks, thanks for understanding, and I’ll be back to it again soon!


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